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Home News Student-athletes from 16 countries to compete in the Shanghai 2024 FISU Futsal Championship

Student-athletes from 16 countries to compete in the Shanghai 2024 FISU Futsal Championship

8 June 2024
The last FISU World University Championship Futsal took place in 2022 in Braga-Guimaraes (Portugal).

Six days of intense matches between 14 men’s teams and 7 women’s teams can be watched live from China all week long!

The Shanghai University of Engineering Science is excited to welcome 285 student-athletes from all over the world for this exciting futsal tournament that will take place from 10-16 June. Shanghai is part of the Songjiang District, which counts 100,000 university students from 8 universities.

The teams

Portugal’s Secretary of State for Sport, Pedro Dias, amongst the Portuguese men’s and women’s futsal teams before their departure for Shanghai.

14 men’s teams and 7 women’s teams from 16 countries will be playing in the Sues and Songjiang venues. The excitement and the expectations are huge. For example: futsal is extremely popular in Portugal, to the point that the Secretary of State for Sport, Pedro Dias, was present at the training camp of the National University Futsal Men’s and Women’s Teams, where he had the opportunity to wish good luck to the entire Portuguese delegation before they left for China. Some of the Shanghai FISU Championship will even be shown on television there.

For those not so familiar with futsal, each team is composed of 14 players (5 effectives and 9 substitutes) and the matches last 2 x 20 minutes of effective play.

Poland won the bronze medal at the Braga-Guimarães 2022 FISU Championship Futsal.

During the last FISU World Championship Futsal in Braga-Guimarães in 2022, Portugal won the gold in the women’s tournament in front of Brazil and Poland. Angélica Alves (POR) was the top-scorer with 10 goals.

Poland’s Rajmund Siecla controlling the ball in Portugal in 2022.

Brazil won the men’s tournament, with Ukraine getting silver and Portugal bronze. The best scorer was Poland’s Kacper Sendlewski with 7 goals.

The programme

In Shanghai, there will be two days of intense group matches, then a break on Thursday 13 June with a cultural activity – a visit to the Guangfulin site – to make sure all student-athletes make the most of their trip to China and experience a lot more than just the futsal competition. The following two days will be dedicated to the semi-finals and ranking games, before the medal matches and the closing ceremony on Saturday 16 June.

You can find more information on the Shanghai 2024 FiSU World Championship Futsal’s official website and of course all matches will be streamed live on

Monday 10 June

Tuesday 11 June

Wednesday 12 June

Thursday 14 June and Friday 15 June

Saturday 16 June

Written by Thérèse Courvoisier

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