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National and Continental University Sport Federations (NUSF, CUSF) are vital organisations that collaborate with FISU to participate in and deliver university sport.

Whether it is sending athletes and delegations to FISU events, hosting events, providing representation to the governing of global university sport, or taking part in education initiatives, NUSFs and CUSFs are the conduit back to FISU from each member nation and region.

NUSF Roles


  • NUSFs are responsible for organising and managing delegations for FISU events such as the World University Games, World Championships, and University World Cups. Adhering to FISU participation criteria, NUSFs will select teams and athletes to compete in FISU events and manage their preparation in the lead up and during these events.


  • NUSFs may bid to host FISU events, which not only provides the world’s student-athletes the opportunity to compete, but also provides those member associations the chance to enhance or develop hosting experience.


  • The governance of FISU takes many hands. NUSFs are encouraged to consider and bring forward nominations for the many FISU committees, including the Executive Committee, that support the delivery of global university sport.
  • Additionally, NUSFs will take part in the FISU General Assembly that occurs every two years. All member federations come together to elect the FISU Executive Committee, approve the budget, and also approve the Executive Committee’s proposed programme outlined.


  • FISU members may choose to participate in the many annual, bi-annual, and ongoing education programmes that are delivered. These provide NUSFs the opportunity to learn from global peers while also engaging those in their own jurisdiction in the wider educational offerings of FISU.

CUSF Roles

CUSFs take on the role of governing university sport in global regions. They work to support the advancement of university sport both in their region, and globally in collaboration with FISU and NUSFs.

Much like FISU, they are governed by executive committees and meet with their member associations through regular General Assemblies to manage programming, membership, and long term planning.


For information about FISU membership, whether current members or those seeking new membership, reach out to with any questions.


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FISU is tackling climate change. With a pledge to reduce carbon emissions by 50% in 2030 and reach net zero by 2040.

Dual Career

Dual Career describes student-athletes who are balancing sporting competition and training with full time university study.

Young Reporters

The Young Reporters Programme exemplifies FISU’s commitment to more than sports competitions.