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Home News 2024 FISU Cycling Championship receives Costa Rican official declaration of national interest

2024 FISU Cycling Championship receives Costa Rican official declaration of national interest

Championships 20 February 2024

The seventh edition of the FISU Cycling Championship that will take place from 29 May to 2 June 2024 in San Carlos, Costa Rica, was introduced at a press conference at the National Stadium of Costa Rica, in San Jose. This is one of the most prestigious competitions scheduled this year in Costa Rica and marks the first time it will be held in the Americas.

The event was attended by Rosaura Mendez (National Parliament Congresswoman, Organizing Committee President, and FISU Executive Committee Member), Gerardo Corales (University Sports Federation of Costa Rica President), Donald Rojas Fernandez (National Director of Sports ICODER), Oscar Avila Kopper (Costa Rican Cycling Federation FECOCI President), Gian Carlo Protti (ITCR Rectory), Flora Ballestero Quiros (Cantonal Sports and Recreation Committee President), and Jorge Rojas (National Parliament Congressman). The highlight of the session was undoubtedly the official declaration of the 2024 FISU Championship Cycling as an event of national interest.

Official presentation of the Declaration of Public Interst for the 2024 FISU Cycling Championship

Expecting over 200 cyclists from 30 countries to participate, this event promises a display of talent and athleticism on an unprecedented scale with five world university champion titles will be awarded in both road and mountain bike categories. The majority of the competition will be held at the facilities of the Costa Rican Institute of Technology, located in Santa Clara.

The event will be broadcast in its entirety, exclusively on TVN Canal 14. In Costa Rica, all competitions can be viewed on Coopelesca channel, while international fans can follow them through

Press conference at the iconic National Stadium of Costa Rica

“This is a tremendous opportunity for our country to showcase itself as a significant hub for sports tourism and to potentially continue hosting events of this calibre in the future, bringing benefits to the nation and the municipalities where they take place,” said Sarita Morales Brenes, Executive Director of the Championship.

Organized by the Costa Rican Institute of Technology, Santa Clara campus, in coordination with the Costa Rican University Sports Federation (FedeU), and with the collaboration of the Costa Rican Cycling Federation (FECOCI), the 2024 FISU World University Championship Cycling holds the endorsement and technical supervision of the International Cycling Union (UCI), cycling world governing body. This designation places the competition on the official agenda of national and international cycling.

As the cycling world’s spotlight turns towards Costa Rica in late May, anticipation builds for an event that not only celebrates the prowess of young cyclists but also underscores the country’s commitment to globally fostering university sporting excellence.

With files and photos from the Costa Rica 2024 FISU World University Championships Cycling Organizing Committee

(header photo – FISU Executive Committee member and Organizing Committee President Rosaura Mendez presented the event to the national media)