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BRAGA – On the second day of competition, it was time for the teams to step up on the Tatami and prove their value. Thursday morning began with Team Kata, where the athletes revealed a lot of concentration and coordination.


On the male side, the Japanese and French teams made their way to the final. On the female side, Portugal is going to face Spain in the final.


After the Kata competitions, the day continued with the Kumite fights. And, as a result of a collective challenge, they fought bravely! After an intense day on the male side, Spain and Japan reached the final. France and Algeria were saved in the “repechage” and are now going to fight for the 3rd place. On the female Kumite side, decided with teams of three athletes after three rounds the Chinese Taipei and Egyptian teams qualified themselves to the final match.


At the end of the competition, the teams enjoyed the rest of the day at the pool and got some rest before the next two decisive days.

Today, the first finals, taking place at the UMinho Sports Hall, crown the winners of the individual Kata and Kumite. All teams still in tournament have the will to the glory, but only a few will get the title.

Good luck! Enjoy the Championship!


(Source : OC Karate)


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