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Home News 2010 WUC Savate: Update

2010 WUC Savate: Update

Savate 4 March 2010



Monday, March 1st, the FFSU held a work meeting regarding the inaugural World University Savate Championship.

The following persons attended the meeting:

Monique Paulou, FFSU Director

Vincent Rognon, FFSU Deputy-Director

Daniel Lemoine, FFSU Chair for Boxing and Savate

Bertrand Gautier, FFSU Regional Director and head of the OC for the WUC Savate

Jocelyne Triadou, FFSavate Technical Director

Alexandre Walnier, FISU Technical Chair for Savate

Laurent Briel, FISU Director for WUC

Mr. Bertrand Gautier gave an update of the preparations of the WUC. The following topics were discussed:

• Sports equipment

• Lodging

• Catering

• Transport

• Communications

• Ceremonies and celebrations

• Official reception

• Entertainment

• Student involvement

• Provisional program

• Update registrations

• Partnership program

In the next weeks FISU will send invitations for the event to all its membership. Mr. Walnier will contact the traditional savate countries which have not entered a team yet. Efforts will be made to find a host for the second edition in 2012.

The OC has already put in a lot of effort to make this first event a successful one.