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Home News 2010 WUC Savate Update: Host Amasses 12 Medals

2010 WUC Savate Update: Host Amasses 12 Medals

Savate 29 June 2010

NANTES – The French have amassed nine gold and three silver medals at the 1st edition of the World University Savate Championship in Nantes, France. Eleven other nations also mounted the medal podium.

For the FISU Technical Chair for Savate Alexandre Walnier, the inaugural edition was a success. ‘I consider this first event as a perfect prototype. It is obvious that the French where going to be the big winners as they have a long history in university savate competitions. But I find it fantastic that there are a lot emerging nations who will progress even more in the future. With this first edition we have set the tone for International University Savate.


Photos of the medal podiums can be found here:,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=282&cntnt01returnid=15


A video can be watched at


(Source: FFSU)