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Home News 2010 WUC Savate Update: Nantes is Ready

2010 WUC Savate Update: Nantes is Ready

Savate 25 June 2010




NANTES – Student-Savate Athletes are travelling to Nantes these days as the inaugural edition of the World University Savate Championship will take place in the French city from June 25th to 26th. Being a savate-hotbed, the University of Nantes accepted the challenge to host the first edition of the FISU Championship in this sport discipline welcoming student-athletes from some 20 countries to take part in the two-day event.

The President of the Organizing Committee Mr Luc Pillot and the Director of the OC Mr. Bertrand Gautier succeeded in making a sportive festivity out of this inaugural edition which is being promoted with billboards all around the city and is well covered by the local and regional press.

The OC has transformed the Sports Palace ‘Ile de Beaulieu’ in a savate shrine and gets the full support of the French Savate Federation regarding logistics and technical assistance.

Yesterday, June 24th, in the framework of the final preparations for the WUC Savate the traditional meetings took place. The Technical Meeting for all delegations was chaired by the FISU Technical Chair for Savate Mr. Alexandre Walnier (BEL). The delegate of the Medical Committee Dr. Sunguroglu Kadirhan (TUR) reminded the attendants that Anti-Doping tests will be carried out and all medical precautions for the event were taken. The meeting for the referees was chaired by Gerhard Schmitt, who stressed the specificities of this University competition and Fair-Play.

In the meanwhile, Arie Rosenzweig (ISR), member of the International Control Committee (CIC) was pretty busy with the accreditation of the delegations.

Today, June 25th, competitions will start.

(Source : Laurent Briel, FISU Director for WUC)



 The competition venue


Arie Rosenzeig (CIC) at work