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26 August 2010 | in Woodball, World University Championships

2010 WUC Woodball Update: Second Round of Competition


KAMPALA - The World University Woodball Championship taking place in Kampala, Uganda, proceeded with the 2nd round of competition for singles men & women.

After the 24 gates, the women’s standings remained the same as the 1st day of competition – Hsin I Tseng (208 strokes), Ying Chi Peng (214) and Chih Ya Tsai (226), all from Chinese Taipei. The 12 Singles finalists are from Chinese Taipei (5), Hong Kong (4) and Uganda (3).

Similarly, the men’s competition after the 2nd round remained the same as the 1st round but with a closer fight for the lead – Meng Hung Tsai (Chinse Taipei) 208 strokes, Sumariyanto Ahris (Indonesia) 208 strokes and Chi Ho Lam (Hong Kong, China) 222 strokes.

The competition has progressed smoothly under the Ugandan skies and also under the keen eye of the International Woodball Federation President, Hui Weng – inventor of the game of Woodball. The finals that will take place on August 26th seem to be destined for a close fight for the title – Meng Hung Tsai (Chinese Taipei) has led the 2 opening rounds but Ahris Sumariyanto (Indonesia), the World Tour Leader in 2009, has been close behind.

Tomorrow’s schedule includes the doubles and mixed competition final (24 gates) and a cultural afternoon with a scheduled visit to Kampala


The event can be followed closely through the event website http://woodball2010.nusfu.org


(Source: Paulo Ferreira, FISU Executive Asst.)