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27 August 2010 | in Woodball, World University Championships

2010 WUC Woodball Update: Doubles Finals and Cultural Tour



KAMPALA - The 3rd day in Kampala was dedicated to proclaiming the first World University Woodball champions in 2010. The finals of the ladies, men’s and mixed doubles took place on the fields at the Speke Resort in Munyonyo.

The Ladies Doubles was won by the Pair PENG YING CHI and TSAI CHIH YA from Chinese Taipei with 111 strokes over the 24 gates. Second place went to TSENG HSIN and WU CHIH-HAN also from Chinese Taipei, 120 strokes. The bronze medal team was YAU CHI LAM / NA WAI YING JENNY from Hong Kong, completing 122 strokes.

The Men’s Doubles competition was won by the Chinese Taipei duo HSIAO CHIA - HUNG and TSAI MENG HUNG with 107. Close behind in second came SU BING RUEI and CHING CHIA HAO also from Chinese Taipei with 109 strokes. The local spectators had plenty to cheer about when the home team finished third – BARIGEYA SAID and ETELU ANDREW (Uganda) with 113 strokes.

The Mixes Doubles final title was awarded to the Hong Kong pair CHOW WAI KIN and NG CHO KWAN with 114 strokes. LEE MING - RU and YEH HUI CHEN from Chinese Taipei came in silver position with 116, followed by WONG NGA CHUN and YAU CHI LAM (Hong Kong) with 118 strokes.


Uganda Wildlife Education Centre


The afternoon included a visit to the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre located on the outskirts of Kampala. It is a conservation centre that focuses on the education of the Uganda public towards preserving their wildlife (with emphasis on the young generation) as well as the rescue and rehabilitation of animals.


(Source: Paulo Ferreira, FISU Executive Asst.)



 Team Kenya


Team Hong Kong China