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Continental university sport association of America


FISU America is the governing body of university sport in America. It was founded in 2007 in order to provide a platform for all university students in America to exchange and interact through sports.



  • Associate member of FISU since 2007
  • Number of sub-regions: 3



The General Assembly is the supreme authority of FISU America. It is held at least once a year. It elects the members of the Executive Committee and controls the general policy of FISU America.

The Executive Committee consists of 7 members from different countries elected for 4 years. It is responsible for the administration of FISU America and for enforcing the decisions taken by the General Assembly.


List of permanent committees:

  • Development Committee
  • Marketing and Public Relations Committee
  • Legal Committee
  • Sports and Education Committee


Members of the Executive Committee:

  • President: Alim Maluf Neto (BRA)
  • Vice-President: Manuel Merodio (MEX)
  • Secretary General: America Alvarado (HON)
  • Treasurer: Ines Gomez (ARG)
  • Assessors: Gerardo Corrales (CRC), Fred Asprilla (COL), Alfredo Inciarte (URU) and Leonardo Morales (VEN)
  • Representative COSUD: Lusimar Santos (BRA)