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Associate member of FISU since: 2007


The General Assembly is the highest authority of AUSF. It brings together every 2 years the national university sports federations which are AUSF members and elects the Executive Committee for a term of 4 years. It formulates the major policies and issues.

The Executive Committee meets at least once a year and the Steering Committee meets at least twice a year.

List of permanent committees

  • Planning and Development Committee
  • Education and Research Committee
  • Legal Committee
  • Branding and Marketing Committee
  • Medical and Health Promotion Committee
  • Media and Communication Committee 
  • University Sports and Technical Committee
  • Information and Technology Committee 

Events and activities

  • AUSF Championships
  • AUSF Educational Projects

Members of the Executive Committee

  • President: Mr. LIU Lixin (CHN)
  • Senior Vice-President: Mr. Jargalsaikhan Dorjsuren (MGL)
  • Vice-Presidents:  Mr. Almuzaini Khalid (KSA) and Mr. Tseng Ching-Yu (TPE)
  • Secretary General: Mr. Seetow Chen Fave (SGP)
  • Vice-Secretary General: Ms. Yan Yuetong (CHN)
  • Treasurer: Mr. Ha Woong Yong (KOR)
  • Assessors: Mr. Al Dhaheri Ali Massari  (UAE), Mr. Suzuki Daichi (JPN), Mr. Hanafiah Ayub (MAS) and Mr. Garabedian Sami A. (LIB)
  • Auditors: Ms. Huang Chia-Ju (TPE), Mr. Bashirian Hadi (IRI)


Asian University Sports Federation Bldg. 33 – 2, Ronghuiyuan, Yuhua Rd., Shunyi District, Beijing, 101318 People's Republic of China
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+ 86-10-66093766