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FISU Technical Committee Chair

Melanie Sanford Technical Committee Chair
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History of Volleyball in FISU

In Torino in 1959, 12 teams strived to win the gold medal in the men’s volleyball tournament. Czechoslovakia dominated the event beating Romania 3–0 in the final and losing just two sets in six games. In 1961 in Sofia, the women’s tournament was launched with six teams.

Following the success of, and interest in volleyball, the FISU Executive Committee established special regulations for the team selection, which were reviewed after the Summer Universiade in Izmir in 2005. The format has now a maximum of 24 teams for a men’s tournament and 16 teams for a women’s tournament.

Minimum Requirements for Volleyball

The Organising Committee must provide, for exclusive use, suitable sports halls to accommodate the volleyball tournaments as approved by the Volleyball CT. The FIVB regulations must be followed.