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FISU Technical Committee Chairs

Samantha Tina Lovse Technical Committee Chair
si slo
Alim Rachid Maluf Neto Technical Committee Chair
br bra,

The History of Futsal in FISU

At the first edition of the World University Futsal Championship (WUC) in Sao Paulo in 1984, “football en salle” or “football à cinq”, as it was called then, was considered a difficult sport because of its particular structure, international situation and also the lack of unification in its regulations. Despite these problems, the Sao Paulo WUC was of great importance for the enhancement of the image of FISU, seen as a pioneer in the establishment of new sports traditions. FISU and the Brazilian University Sports Association (CBDU) made large progress in terms of overcoming the problems in unifying the regulations between FIFA and FIFUSA. Another benefit of this championship was the promotion of university sports in Latin America, thanks to the participation of Brazil, Bolivia and Uruguay. Since that time, 11 other editions of this WUC have been successfully organised. It is true that futsal is a sport that is very practiced in universities. Most countries in the World University Futsal Championship present their best players, who also play a big role in their national team. The women’s tournament was launched at the 2010 championship in Novi Sad, Serbia. It attracted 72 players.