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FISU Technical Committee Chair

Technical Committee Chair

History of Diving in FISU

In August 1951 Luxembourg hosted the third International Summer Sports Week, having divers from all over the world compete in the very first diving competition organised under the patronage of FISU. After diving became a compulsory sport in the Summer Universiade programme, many diving competitors became future world stars. At the Summer Universiade in Budapest in 1965, for their fist participation in the competition, the US athletes swept away four (4) gold medals just in the diving events. In the Summer Universiade in Edmonton in 1983, the participation, and performance, of the champion and record holder Greg Louganis, enthralled the public. More recently, the hegemony and domination of well-prepared Asian divers made diving very popular not only among spectators but also for TV broadcasts.

Minimum Requirements for Diving

The Organising Committee must provide, for exclusive use, a diving pool with full support facilities as approved by the Diving CT. The FINA regulations must be followed.