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FISU Technical Committee Chairs

Robert Rieblienger Technical Committee Chair
de ger
Cia Trianti Substitute Technical Committee Chair
id ina

History of 3×3 Basketball in FISU

With all the sports options out there, why did FISU decide to work with the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) to help 3×3 Basketball, nearly since the sport’s start? That’s easy, 3×3 Basketball is an ideal team sport for student-athletes on the university campus.  

The beauty of 3×3 Basketball comes from its simplicity. The game is played on half a court, with one hoop. There’s no halftime, no quarters, and the energy limits are always on maximum. Games are played outdoors, surrounded by music, entertainment and cheering fans. 3×3 Basketball is a game pretty much everyone can play, anywhere in the world.  

The sport is tailor-made for university students. Each game lasts a maximum of 10 minutes. There’s a 12-second shot clock, ensuring teams take risks and attack the rim.

With teams composed of three players plus one possible substitute, it’s easy to field a team. It’s just players playing as no coaching is allowed during a competition.

The simplicity of the 3×3 game stands out: all you need are a hoop, a ball, some teammates, and a little competition. There is not even a mandatory surface; a tournament can take place on concrete, asphalt, on existing or temporary courts.

FISU’s history in the 3×3 game goes back to just about the official start of the sport in 2010 as both the first and second World University 3×3 Basketball Championships were attributed in May 2011 to the University Sports Federation of Serbia and of Brazil, respectively. In 2012 the championship took place in Kragujevac (SRB) and in 2014 in Salvador (BRA). Since this start, FISU has played an active role in promoting 3×3 Basketball on university campuses around the globe.