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It’s global. It’s urban. It’s a show. The FISU University World Cup 3x3 event has become one of FISU's most exciting and popular sports events. With its rightful home on the university campus, the event and its student-athletes are helping take this format of the game to new heights.


The latest edition took place in October 2022 in Istanbul (Turkey). 

FISU UniverSity World cup 3x3 EDITIONS

All 3x3 events 

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2023 (to be announced)
Istanbul, TURKEY
27-29 October 2022
Xiamen (CHN)
15-18 Nov 2018
Xiamen (CHN)
31 Oct - 3 Nov 2019

3x3 Basketball on the FISU sports programme

FISU's history in the 3x3 game goes back to just about the official start of the sport itself in 2010; both the first and second FISU World University 3x3 Basketball Championships were attributed in May 2011 to the National University Sports Federation of Serbia and of Brazil, respectively. In 2012 the championship took place in Kragujevac (SRB), 2014 in Salvador (BRA), and from 2015 onwards in Xiamen (CHN). In 2022, it was moved to, and held, in Istanbul (TUR).


3x3 Basketball is a game anyone can play, anywhere in the world. With teams composed of three players, plus one possible substitute, it is easy to field a team. All you need is a hoop, a ball, some team-mates and a little competition. There isn't even a mandatory surface; a tournament can take place on concrete, asphalt or an existing/temporary court. There’s no halftime, no quarters, and the energy levels are at the maximum.


The sport is tailor-made for university students. The games are played outdoors, surrounded by music, entertainment and cheering fans. Each game lasts a maximum of 10 minutes. There’s a 12-second shot clock, ensuring teams take risks by attacking the rim and launching shots deep beyond the perimeter.  

For further information on the FISU University World Cup 3x3, please contact the University World Cups department at 


The 2022 edition 

The Brazilian (men) team of Paulista University (UNIP, São Paulo) won the University World Cup 3×3 Basketball held in Istanbul and defended their 2019 title. The Chinese Culture University (TPE) clinched the gold medal in the women competition.

2022 Men's Champions: Paulista University (BRA)



The results at a glance



Gold Final: Paulista University (BRA – Campaner, De Paulo, Santos and Grafite) – Macquarie University (AUS – Fitzgerald, Uadiale, Prakash and Tyrrell) 20-10  

Bronze Final: Monterrey ITES (MEX – Ochoa, Molina, Limas, Domínguez) – La Matanza University (ARG – Moran, Martinez, Gamba and Menendez) 16-9  

Semifinals: Macquarie – Monterrey  14-13 ; Paulista – La Matanza 21-11

Quarter-finals: Monterrey – UCU (UGA) 15-14 ; Macquarie – Manisa  (TUR) 17-15

La Matanza – Taylor's Uni (MAS) 21-12 ; Paulista – Vytautas (LTU) 14-13 OT (12-12)



Gold Final: CCU (TPE – Kuo, Huang, Hsu and Wang) – Monterrey ITES (MEX – Esquer Vila, Rovira, González and Zamora) 21-12  

Bronze Final: Royal International University (MGL – Bat-Erdene, Tsendjav, Bazargurev and Onolbaatar) – Islamic Azad University (IRI – Fallahdomdomeh, Golmohammadi, Khodaverdian and Ghaffari) 15-12

Semifinals: CCU – RIU 21-7 ; Monterrey – IAU 12-6

Quarter-finals: RIU – Ljubljana (SLO) 15-13 OT (13-13) ; CCU – PNU (UKR) 14-11 ; Monterrey – Gazi (TUR) 19-5 ; IAU – Lincoln (NZL) 11-7.