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FISU is tackling climate change. With a pledge to reduce carbon emissions by 50% in 2030 and to reach net zero by 2040.

In 2021, the FISU Legacy and Sustainability focus area was adopted with the aim of preserving the values of university sport worldwide through the University Sports Movement. Naturally, FISU’s focus on young people in sport not only speaks to the longevity of sports events, but also the longevity of university communities at large for future generations to thrive using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to categorise progress in various areas of sustainable development.

FISU’s commitment to sustainability has been embedded within the FISU Global Strategy with the following strategic aims:

  • Review best practices in sport to support the overarching approach to sustainable development to guide FISU activities
  • Ensuring legacy and sustainability are a the core of the bidding process for host cities
  • Empowering student-athletes and ambassadors to take action and innovate in sustainability
  • Include the topic at FISU educational and transfer of knowledge activities

FISU – Committed to Climate Action

In June 2022, FISU became one of many actors in the sports sector signing the UN Sports for Climate Action Framework, committing to the reduction of carbon emissions by 50%. FISU is committed to evaluating and mitigating carbon emissions as an organisation, though being the owner of FISU events, and as the leader of the global University Sport Movement.

FISU was also the first sports federation in the Olympic Capital of Lausanne, Switzerland (with over 100 international sports federations in the region) to receive funding towards the development of a sustainability strategy from the local authorities from the Swiss Canton of Vaud.

FISU’s sustainability strategy around climate action revolves around three key areas:

  • FISU as an organisation

As an organisation, FISU is committed to reducing its carbon emissions that starts at the organisational level. This level includes a commitment by all members of FISU staff, Executive Committee, Committees and consultants. 

  • FISU as the leader of the University Sports Movement

FISU has a responsibility to not only carry out its activities sustainably, but to encourage FISU Member Associations to adopt their own sustainability strategies. As the leader of the University Sports Movement, FISU is responsible for assisting various stakeholders that contribute to the values of university sport and assist with embedding sustainability principles into existing activities.

  • FISU as the owner of university sports events

Hosting an array of sport and education events such as the FISU World University Games, University World Cups, FISU World Conference, FISU World Forum and many more, the footprint associated with these events contributes to the overall impact that FISU’s activities have on the surrounding environment, its people, and its prosperity. Not only is FISU responsible for reducing its footprint through its daily activities, but it also encourages host cities in doing the same at university sport and educational events under its umbrella. FISU is also in contact with all organising committees and guides them where necessary in the realms of legacy and sustainability.

Sports for Nature – FISU turning over a new leaf towards preserving and restoring biodiversity

Hosting events, FISU’s event organisers must think about how their activities affect biodiversity and nature. FISU encourages its members, not only when they organise an event, to think about the impact on nature – also creating opportunities to restore nature where possible.

As a signatory of the IUCN Sports for Nature framework, FISU commits to the following principles:

  • Protecting nature and avoiding damage to natural habitats and species
  • Restoring and regenerating nature when possible
  • Understanding and reducing risks to nature in supply chains
  • Educating and inspiring positive action for nature across and beyond sport

A guide for FISU Members

Here you will find our 4-step plan to tackling Climate Change