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28 May 2020 | in CUSF News

Moisés Uziel of Mexico wins FISU America eSports competition

Moisés Uziel Canales Vargas from Mexico won the FISU America eSports – FIFA20 competition, becoming the first ever international university eSports champion by beating Brazilian Ulisses Selles. Luis Guilhermese took third place after beating Nicolás Brizuela.

FISU America champion

The final match-up was evenly contested, as expected. With the first game tied at 0, tension was raised for the second game between Moisés and Ulisses. The Mexican began to get closer to getting the Pan-American title of FIFA20, going ahead by 1 to 0 in the second game. The Brazilian took an early advantage in the next game, winning 1 to 0, and equalling the score.


Finally, when the score was tied at 2-all, Moisés took the advantage and with it, the title.
and took the title.


The newly-crowned FISU America eSports – FIFA20 champion, Moisés Uziel Canales Vargas said: “I am grateful to my federation (CONDDE) for giving me the confidence to be able to represent Mexico. It is a matter of great pride for me and having won the championship, I have delivered on that confidence.”


“I want to dedicate the championship to all Mexicans and to all those who were supporting me from the first day,” he continued. “I am very grateful for the encouragement.”

The innovative idea of holding an eSports tournament emerged from the need to propose new activities to university student-athletes all over the Americas, during the COVID-19 lockdown.


FISU America President Alim Maluf Neto oversees a Continental Association that has a decade's worth of experience FISU America President Alim Maluf Neto said, “We are happy with what we achieved in this tournament. In a very short time, we had 36 athletes from 15 countries across the continent participating. And it was the first international competition of eSports for university students.”


“We transformed a time of crisis into opportunity for the development of university sports,” he continued. “We have become pioneers of the university eSports. This is just the beginning for us, we will keep looking for new challenges, cope with this situation in the best way and use it as learning.”