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Embracing FISU’s motto of “Excellence in Mind and Body”, FISU events bring together sport and academia. Much more than a traditional sporting competition, FISU’s flagship event, the Universiade, incorporates educational and cultural aspects. It allows university student athletes worldwide to celebrate with the host city in the true spirit of friendship and sportsmanship.


FISU events are a unique opportunity to provide practical development opportunities and experiences for all your city’s students. Hosting a FISU event will position your city as a new destination for young people to study, visit and work, generate revenues and boost your international sporting profile. Make the smartest choice and bring a FISU event to your city!



The candidatures are now open, for the 2022 and 2024 FISU World University Championships which, for the first time, will include the sport of Powerlifting. The full list of sports in the WUC programme can be found here


The attribution process starts with a call for candidature. Candidate NUSFs are required to provide a Bidding Dossier to be examined by the FISU Executive Committee. After deliberation, the World University Championship event attribution is given to the chosen NUSF and city. A Member Association of FISU can submit a Bidding Dossier. Any candidature submitted to FISU with all completed documents by 15 September 2019, at the latest, will be analysed by the FISU Technical Committee Chairs concerned and by the WUC Evaluation Committee.


Accepted candidatures will be invited to present their bid to the mentioned committee in October 2019. This presentation, together with the previous evaluations, will define whether the bid will be submitted to the Executive Committee, whose decision will be announced in December 2019. We draw your attention to the necessity of producing all letters of commitment and we remind you that any candidature must be accompanied by a bidding fee of 500 EUR in order to be taken into consideration.


Please find a template for a letter of intent here, as well as a Bidding Brochure and Bidding Guidelines



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Since it’s founding in 1949, FISU has been the world’s uniting force for university sport. As the international federation of university sport, FISU represents 170 million students across 40,000 universities. FISU flagship events are the Summer and Winter Universiades. These events draw several thousand student-athletes together, making them the largest university multi-sport competitions in the world.  To find out more information on FISU’s flagship events, see:

In addition to the Summer and Winter Universiades, FISU organises the biannual University World Championships in even years with sports that do not feature on the Universiade programme.  To find out more information on these stand-along championship events, see:


Benefits of hosting the Universiade in your city


  • Bring unique opportunities to your students


Provide a great practical experience platform for your youth

The Summer and Winter Universiades are unique major events that offer the host city’s students the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice. Whether as an LOC staff member or volunteer, the event needs students from all backgrounds to deliver a great event. With experienced FISU staff available to assist, the Universiades offer local students unique work experience and career development opportunities in an international environment.



“The 2017 Summer Universiade has already been fantastic for our employed and volunteering students. This unique national project gives them practical expertise in various fields that until now they have learned only in theory. In addition, they gain international experience and cultural awareness from working with FISU, Taipei Organizing Committee, the international delegations and athletes here at 2017 Taipei Universiade.” - Li-chiung Su, CEO, Taipei 2017


  • Become a new destination for youth


Position your city as a new place for young people to study, visit and work

The student-athletes of today are the future leaders of tomorrow and hosting a Universiade will bring them together in your city. Competing student-athletes will create memories for life in your city, setting them up to be lifelong city ambassadors who will come back to revisit their unique Universiade experience. The worldwide promotion of the event also allows reaching out to students all over the world and showcase the best your city has to offer.



“Competing in Gwangju for the 2015 Universiade was an experience I will never forget. The city really surprised me and I enjoyed getting to know the Korean volunteers some of which became friends. I will go back to Gwangju one day, that’s for sure” - Participating athlete, Gwangju 2015 Universiade


  • Benefit from Revenues


Generate income by welcoming thousands of guests to the event

With athletes paying a daily fee to the organisers, and with the participants and a worldwide audience attending, there will be thousands of people spending and consuming goods within the host city region. The worldwide promotion of the Universiades, through a wide range of media and marketing rights, can assist in opening new markets and increasing international visibility for your city.


For the 2015 Gwangju Universiade more than EUR 304 million was spent in the Honam region directly related to the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade. As the Gwangju Metropolitan City contributed EUR 277 million, the generated economic impact of the Universiade was EUR 180 million for the Honam region. Economic Impact Report carried out by AISTS – the International Academy of Sports Science and Technology – December 2015


  • Boost your profile as a major international sports city


Showcase your abilities and connect with the world of international sports

Hosting one of the biggest multi-sport events in the world can greatly help cities with sports ambitions to showcase their true capabilities. Hosting a Universiade will give your city a strong visibility among members of the international sports community and the opportunity to build long-lasting relationships.



“The Universiade became a dignified preface for the Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi and will be an example for the organisation and holding of the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia and World Winter Universiade 2019 in Krasnoyarsk.” – Igor Shuvalov Chairman of the Organising Committee. First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation – Kazan 2013



Host City Requirements for the Universiade


Organising the Summer or Winter Universiade is a joint effort between the host city, the Local Organising Committee (LOC) and FISU.


Revenue generating rights of the LOC

For the organising rights fee, the LOC receives revenue generating rights and receives 100% income from:

  • National television broadcast

  • National media (including web and mobile rights)

  • National and international marketing including all advertising and promotion of goods and/or services outside of the FISU Protected Categories

  • National and international sponsorship generated by the Organiser in any category (commercial sector/ local and regional government)

  • Value in kind sponsorship

  • Ticket sales



FISU support provided to the LOC

FISU allocates the organising rights fee to deliver and cover a series of services, including:

  • Access to FISU’s Universiade knowledge and know-how services, including full-time support from FISU staff

  • Provision of external consultancy on IT & C and TV broadcasting

  • Provision of information and guidelines for all manuals and publications

  • Assistance with establishing and reinforcing the relation between the LOC and International Sports Federations


Obligations of the LOC

The main obligations of the LOC include:

  • To cover accommodation/board (student-level) for all athletes, coaches, supporting staff and officials attending the Summer Universiade. The participating nations will pay up to € 70 per person and per day.

  • To cover all on-site technical/organisational costs related to the staging of the Summer Universiade

  • To run the competitions operations under the supervision of FISU in accordance with the FISU guidelines and requirements

  • To provide a clean international television signal for FISU international broadcasting use






The application process for hosting FISU events is characterised by its collaborative approach. FISU, the potential host city and the member association work together to create the best possible bid.


Ongoing processes


2022 - 2024 World University Championships


15 September 2019

  • deadline for submission of applications with all completed documents. Please note that only a Member Association of FISU can submit a candidature dossier.

7 - 11 October 2019

  • Accepted candidatures will be invited to present their bid to the FISU WUC Evaluation Committee. This presentation, together with the evaluations of the FISU TCC, will define whether the bid will be submitted to the FISU Executive Committee.

December 2019

  • Official attribution of the 2022 ans 2024 FISU World University Championships




For any inquiries regarding hosting FISU events, please contact:

  • Eric Saintrond, FISU Secretary General & CEO



  • Paulo Ferreira, FISU Director General