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Promoting university sport values with dynamic, emerging leaders 


The FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy (FVLA) is a unique educational event designed to give emerging leaders a variety of lectures and seminars about international university sport and how to manage volunteer programmes and then apply them in their national (NUSF) or continental (CUSF) university sport federations.


Following taking part in the FVLA, participants are appointed as FISU Student Ambassadors and are tasked with creating individual action plans, to plan and deliver relevant and specific activity together with their NUSF or CUSF to support the development of university sport in their home country or continent.


The benefits for FVLA participants go beyond the practical, educational and cultural, with the top attendees earning additional elite internship and scholarship opportunities including most of the FISU Games from 2017.

"For me, the most interesting part of the FVLA this year was the ability to learn, grow and make worldwide connections even through the current circumstances. Learning about how leadership and sports participation can have a large positive impact on individuals and the world was truly an eye opening experience!”

Jacob James Mulholland, New Zealand, FISU Student Ambassador 2020


"I wanted to feel like I am physically there in Kazan and surprisingly I felt like that for most of the time. It was nice to see a set of really nice people everyday for 3 days. And so many good opportunities were given to us. It was a great learning everyday."

Chathuri Hashani, Sri Lanka, FISU Student Ambassador 2021

"The leadership skills session was to me the most valuable and useful session: it helped me learn a lot as a student leader and ambassador as it taught me very important aspects of being a leader"

Kesaobaka Johannes, Botswana, FISU student Ambassador 2021


"I was able to learn and share my own experiences. Being able to understand how these international connections can work, I am very grateful to FISU and CBDU (Confederação Brasileira do Desporto Universitário) for this opportunity."

Vitoria Teixeira Cabral, Brazil, FISU Student Ambassador 2020

Facts & Figures from the FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy

The introduction session of the 2023 is planned on 23 June and the main sessions will be organised on 7-9 September 2023 in online format.


  • Duration: up to 7 days when organised onsite / 2-3 days when organised online


  • Scale: an average of 100 participants


  • Reach: over 90 countries


  • Frequency: every year


  • Participants: students (under 25 years old) from all over the world


  • Tradition: held annually since 2017


  • Programme: conferences, workshops, exchange of experience, cultural exchange, group projects and much more


  • Output: After FVLA participants are awarded with the status of the FISU student Ambassadors and become helping hands of their NUSF and CUSF.

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Highlights from previous FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy events