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Alongside our sports competitions, FISU stages educational events and programmes. The FISU Education team encourages the study and enhancement of University Sport through educational events, but also with studies and publications, lectures and other activities.


The events and programmes are addressed to special target groups: students, student-athletes, university sports officials and managers, representatives of international sport and non-sport federations, organisers of major FISU events, renowned academic speakers, FISU Family members and more. The FISU core values of excellence, teamwork, innovation, joy of sports and integrity in particular play an important role in choosing relevant topics for the educational activities. Topics such as equal opportunities, gender equality, leadership, dual career, ethics, Anti-Doping and volunteers are also essential as part of the FISU educational events and programmes.



Educational Events 


The FISU Education activities encourage the study and enhancement of University Sport through education. It consists of a wide range of different events like conferences, forums and seminars allowing students from around the world, and also other stakeholders from the academic community and the University Sport Movement to meet and share their ideas and contribute to their respective development.


Educational Programmes 


In addition to its Educational events, FISU undertakes the organisation and the coordination of a number of programmes which aim at developing knowledge about University Sport and at supporting FISU’s member associations. Additionally, those programmes contribute to the engagement of member associations in achieving their educational objectives through synergies.

Clean Sport Programmes

Scholarship Programmes

Young Reporters Programmes

FISU Student Ambassadors


FISU collaborates with different national and international sport and non-sport organisations in organising its educational activities. Through its partnerships with the United Nations Educational, Scientific, Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), the International Fair-Play Committee (IFPC) and the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE) for example, FISU aims at offering opportunities for its members and at making the University Sports Movement a leading organisation on a large range of topics around sport. More about FISU Partnerships here.



International Day of University Sport


The International Day of University Sport (IDUS), celebrated on 20 September, was officially proclaimed by the United Nations Education, Science and Culture Organisation (UNESCO). Launched in 2016, it does more than drive general awareness of FISU’s work. The day also creates links between universities and their local communities, focused around sport, physical activity and healthy living. Find out more about the International Day of University Sport here.  

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