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07 April 2020 | in NUSF News, COVID-19 updates

Falkol Storm wins CBDU eSports challenge

After six exciting matches, the ‘Falkol Storm’ team won the first ever totally online university e-Sports challenge held by the Brazilian Confederation of University Sports (CBDU).


CBDU Jubs campeão lol 1The tournament, in the League of Legends (LoL) modality, had started on Saturday 28 March and culminated in a championship clash on 4 April. 16 teams from across Brazil clashed in the tournament which was part of CBDU’s #quarentenacbdu campaign, which proposes and encourages several activities that can be done at home during this period of quarantine.


All matches of the e-Sports challenge were also transmitted live on CBDU’s YouTube channel. Gabriel Ribeiro, from the winning team, said “I think this CBDU initiative is very cool because everyone is idle, everyone is at home. This championship helped people beat anxiety and was very welcome by the crowd.”


Ribeiro, a student of Aerospace Engineering at the Federal University of ABC, is currently captain of the team that has existed since 2016. Falkol Storm was also a champion in the same modality at the Brazilian University Games (JUBs) of 2019. Other members of the champion team were Gabriel Henrique Ribeiro, Leonardo Biazzuto Pironccelli, Vitor Dahn Le, Matheus Carvalho Chagas and Vinicius Bueno de Morais.


CBDU Jubs campeão lol 2While this challenge was launched during the quarantine period, eSports are not new on the CBDU calendar. LoL and FIFA have been present at JUBs for four years. Luciano Cabral, CBDU President explains: “CBDU is always on the lookout for the new, the unusual, for innovation.


We are always attentive to the demands of our target audience, which is young university students. In this moment of social isolation, we launched a project that was already being worked on, the JUBs e-Sports.”


A second online challenge for this quarantine period is now underway at CBDU: this time it is FIFA mode.