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Home News First meeting of the new Media and Communication Committee

First meeting of the new Media and Communication Committee

21 May 2024
The new CMC held it's introductory meeting mid May.

FISU’s newly structured Media and Communication Committee (CMC), chaired by Chidiebere Ezeani met online on 15 May to discuss current issues to address and paths to explore in today’s and tomorrow’s media worlds.

Nigeria, France, Lebanon, Great Britain, Brazil, Argentina and Slovakia. Six countries are represented in FISU’s new Media and Communication Committee, whose members met online for the first time on 15 May, even if number of them already know each other.

Former member of the Young Reporters Programme in 2015, CMC Chair Chidiebere Ezeani then worked as a journalist specialising in development and women’s football, before collaborating with the Nigerian University Games Association and as a Sports Development Officer for the Committee of Vice Chancellors of Nigerian Universities.

Her Vice-Chair, Damien Bardot, Director of Communication and partnership sponsoring in the French University Sports Federation in Paris is an experienced member of this Committee, since he joined the CMC for the first time in 2006!

Seven people are part of the Media and Communication Committee, two of which are also part of the Student Committee.

Amongst the members, there is Krayem Charbel, who has been working as a journalist in Lebanon for 20 years and who also handles the media for the Lebanese Football Federation; Mark Cooper, a communications specialist with an invaluable expertise in Olympic Movement leadership; Pedro Guilherme Pontes de Moura, Marketing and Communication Manager at the very active Brazilian NUSF, CBDU; and finally Martina Alexandre from Argentina and Michal Cmelik from Slovakia, both members of the Student Committee who are passionate about University Sports and their promotion.

Campaigns and challenges

Everyone was introduced to FISU Director General Paulo Fereira and FISU Head of Media and Communications, Thérèse Courvoisier who both brought the group up to date with the organisation’s Global Strategy 2027 and current campaigns and challenges.

The CMC Chair, Chidiebere Ezeani, concluded by underlining all the added value that this committee – thanks to the variety of its profiles – can bring to FISU, especially with regards to collaboration with all the CUSFs and NUSFs and to contacts with media all over the world.

Written by Thérèse Courvoisier