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Home News FISU and Bornan Sports Technology boost their digital transformation with a long-term partnership

FISU and Bornan Sports Technology boost their digital transformation with a long-term partnership

21 March 2024

The International University Sports Federation and Bornan Sports Technology have signed a long-term partnership to deliver a world class digital transformation to university sports.

The aim of this strategic partnership is to enhance the management of resources for organizing global university sporting events by utilizing advanced and cutting-edge technology, which will benefit the whole FISU pyramid. Tailor-made digital services and innovative cloud computing solutions will provide a robust technology platform that streamlines the management of the Organizing Committees (OC) and the National University Sport Federations (NUSF) and improves the overall experience for all stakeholders.

The President of FISU, Leonz Eder, stated that “We are thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with a leading company like Bornan Sports Technology. This alliance aims to accelerate the adoption of digital technologies across the whole university sport movement.”

Bornan Sports Technology, a leading company in the sports and digital transformation sector, with extensive experience in prestigious national and international sporting events, will provide all its know-how and key alliances in the market to offer a comprehensive, customized solution, always ensuring the highest quality standards in terms of IT security and data integrity.

“Together, we embark on a new collaboration, in which everyone’s expertise will contribute to explore many innovative solutions”, added FISU Secretary General, Eric Saintrond.

The main areas of development:

1. Event Management Systems

2. Results Management

3. Virtual Graphics and TV Graphics

4. Websites, mobile apps, and virtual stores

5. OTT channel and big data

“This new association with FISU is a testimony to our expertise and leadership in the area of sports technology. We are not looking for new customers, we are joining with people who share our values and we will return the same trust. We will go forward together as a team, to provide the best and most innovative solutions that will help enhance your upcoming sporting events, while offering a different experience for athletes, spectators and Organizing Committees” said Eva María Córdoba Chief Executive Officer of Bornan Sports Technology.

The anticipation of future events with a strategic partnership recognizing the essential role of technology as a driver of progress will make it possible to achieve all the goals set and usher in a new era of university sport.