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Home News Partners gather in Linz to advance Sports for All through INTERACT+ project

Partners gather in Linz to advance Sports for All through INTERACT+ project

FISU 20 March 2024

Partners of the INTERACT+ project under the EU Erasmus+ umbrella met 12 to 15 March in Linz, Austria, united in their commitment to revolutionize the sports delivery model. Led by TAFISA (Association for International Sport for All) and spearheaded by FISU and other esteemed partners, the INTERACT+ project aims to galvanize international sports organizations (ISOs), national federations (NFs), and sports clubs to promote Sport for All.

The meeting, orchestrated by the International Fistball Federation, was marked by impassioned discussions and strategic planning sessions. Focal points included refining deliverables, meticulous task monitoring, and formulating effective communication strategies. Participants delved into specific working packages tailored to drive the project’s mission forward. Notable among these were initiatives like “Making the Case for Sport for All within the Sport Movement,” led by the University of Limerick, and “Empowering the Sport Movement to Develop and Promote Sport for All,” presented by the International Table Tennis Foundation and European Flying Disc Federation. FISU took the helm in shaping the “Interact Plus Standard and Label for International and National Sport Organizations,” envisioning a framework to standardize and incentivize inclusive practices within the sport community.

Also during the meeting, TAFISA outlined ambitious plans for integrated capacity building projects with leading global sports organizations. These initiatives highlight a collective commitment to promoting and activating “sports for all” on a global scale.

The Linz meeting served as a rallying point for stakeholders to consolidate their efforts, share progress updates, and chart a course towards a more inclusive sporting landscape. With unwavering determination, the partners of the INTERACT+ project stand poised to drive meaningful change and foster a society where sports know no boundaries.

The INTERACT+ is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union and led by TAFISA with other partners including the University of Limerick, World Minigolf Federation, World Dance Organisation, International Table Tennis Federation Foundation, International Fistball Association, FISU, Confederazione Boccistica Internazionale, and the European Flying Disc Federation.