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Home News University of Calgary achieves Platinum Distinction as Canada’s first FISU Healthy Campus Certified University

University of Calgary achieves Platinum Distinction as Canada’s first FISU Healthy Campus Certified University

20 December 2023

In a remarkable milestone for both the University of Calgary and Canada, the university has been awarded the prestigious Healthy Campus Certificate by FISU, achieving a remarkable platinum distinction by excelling in 94 out of 100 criteria. This achievement comes as a heartwarming Christmas gift to the academic community.

The University of Calgary’s unwavering commitment to fostering a culture of well-being and academic excellence led them to continue their relentless efforts into September 2023, resulting in the university earning the esteemed FISU Healthy Campus Platinum Label. Notably, this makes the University of Calgary the first higher education institution in North and South America to attain this distinguished Platinum recognition.

One of the key drivers behind this success is the university’s strong emphasis on encouraging both researchers and students to actively engage in research work dedicated to well-being. In a remarkable feat, Connor Hass, a dedicated student, completed an NSERC BRAIN CREATE Summer Studentship from May to August 2023, under the guidance of Dr. Marc Poulin. Connor’s leadership played a pivotal role in spearheading a collaborative effort involving students, faculty, and staff, working closely with university leadership. The culmination of this achievement was marked by Connor’s presentation of the comprehensive data collected for the FISU Healthy Campus initiative at the prestigious 2023 Hotchkiss Brain Institute – Cumming School of Medicine Summer Student Symposium. This event showcased the university’s dedication to holistic well-being, bringing together the brightest minds to contribute to the betterment of society.

The University of Calgary’s exceptional accomplishment in attaining the FISU Healthy Campus Platinum Label underscores its commitment to nurturing a healthy and thriving academic environment. As the first Canadian university to earn this distinguished honor, it serves as an inspiring example for institutions worldwide, emphasizing the importance of well-being, research, and community collaboration in the pursuit of academic excellence.

This achievement reflects the University of Calgary’s dedication to fostering a healthier and more vibrant educational landscape, aligning with the institution’s values of knowledge, innovation, and inclusivity.

Congratulations to the University of Calgary on this remarkable accomplishment, truly embodying the spirit of academic excellence and holistic well-being.

Files provided by the University of Calgary