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Home News Fostering excellence in University Sports: AUSF and FISU Oceania forge a stronger partnership

Fostering excellence in University Sports: AUSF and FISU Oceania forge a stronger partnership

FISU 18 November 2023

In a landmark development for university sports in the Asia and Oceania regions, the Asian University Sports Federations (AUSF), FISU Oceania, and FISU have consolidated their collaboration through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

This momentous occasion represents a significant step forward in promoting excellence in university sports, fostering cooperation, and strengthening the global university sports movement.

The highest representatives of the three organizations, Leonz Eder, President of FISU, Liu Lixin, President of AUSF and David Schmude of FISU Oceania, were present at the signing ceremony (picture above).

The partnership between AUSF and FISU Oceania has steadily evolved since the inception of their MOU in 2016. This collaborative framework serves as a blueprint for their joint efforts, outlining the guiding principles and objectives that underpin their cooperation under the auspices of FISU.

Importantly, the renewed MOU is an extension of previous agreements and will remain valid from November 19, 2023, until the conclusion of the next FISU mandate period in 2027.

Key Objectives of the MOU:

  • Alignment with FISU Global Strategy: Both AUSF and FISU Oceania are committed to supporting the sustainable development and global promotion of university sports, in line with FISU’s overarching strategy.
  • Knowledge Sharing: The organizations pledge to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, research, and training related to both elite and amateur university sports within the Asia and Oceania regions.
  • Enhancing Competition: The MOU aims to provide university students from Asia and Oceania with opportunities to participate in continental championships and other university sport tournaments, thereby raising the level of competition.
  • Regional Development: AUSF and FISU Oceania will work collaboratively to support the development of university students in their respective regions, ensuring that they fulfill their roles and responsibilities in promoting excellence.
  • Cross-Continental Networking: The MOU seeks to foster increased communication and networks among university students in Asia and Oceania, promoting unity and cooperation.
  • Joint Events: Both organizations are committed to working together on joint events that further the cause of university sports in their regions.
  • Support for Endorsed Events: AUSF and FISU Oceania will endorse and provide support for events organized by their member federations, thereby enhancing opportunities for participation and excellence.

In addition to signing this MOU, FISU Oceania took advantage of the presence of its six member countries at the FISU General Assembly held in Geneva, to hold its own assembly (picture above). David Schmude was re-elected President for another term of leadership. The meeting also provided a valuable opportunity for a strategic dialogue between FISU and FISU Oceania, focusing on the implementation of the Healthy Campus Programme in universities across Oceania.

Written by Fernando Parente