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Home News Golden Marcora slaloms her way through fog and snow

Golden Marcora slaloms her way through fog and snow

Winter Games 21 January 2023

Whiteface Mountain was all set for the women’s slalom on Friday, the penultimate day of the Lake Placid 2023 FISU World University Games alpine skiing competition.

Italy celebrated its second gold medal of Games courtesy of Maria Marcora, who captured first place thanks to a time of 1:54.25.

Valentine Macheret of Switzerland (1:55.39) and Sara Rask of Sweden (1:55.51) completed the podium.

Marcora was at the bottom of the start list for the second run after clocking 56.76 in the first. After crossing the finish line, the new champion instantly celebrated by raising her skis up and showing a giant smile.

“I hope for good result in slalom, of course, but I never thought that I could win. I’m so happy that all the training that I’ve done paid out.”

The winner explained that she was very surprised, because she knew that the other athletes were very fast.

“I was very, very afraid. Shaking all over my body. I was very nervous. I think I was never so nervous like in the second run today.”

The weather conditions played an important role in the competition, with constant snowing and a lot of fog. The athletes seemed to appear out of nowhere as they reached the middle of the course.

“It’s difficult for me skiing in bad conditions. But it’s something that affects everybody. So that is how you can be clever and just not focus on that and beat the others,” commented the Italian, who studies economics at Fernfachhochschule Schweiz University in Switzerland. “That’s the part where you can just be better than the others mentally.”

Marcora added that the next thing she was going to do is “celebrate this achievement and enjoy my last two days at the FISU Games.”

“After the Games, I’m going back home to Italy and continue my training and racing and finish the season. And of course, I have to study a lot and focus on my university responsibilities.”

Marcora enjoys training, studies and entertainment as a way of life.

“I always go skiing in the morning, come home, and then study of course. Then in the evening I do a little gym session. After that I just go to bed, chill, Netflix, going out maybe sometimes if I have some time left.”

The Lake Placid 2023 alpine skiing competition wraps up on Saturday with the men’s slalom.

Written by Julieta Boschiazzo, FISU Young Reporter

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