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Home News Conclusion of FVLA 2022 means start of 2022-23 FISU Student Ambassadors Programme season

Conclusion of FVLA 2022 means start of 2022-23 FISU Student Ambassadors Programme season

6 September 2022

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Two intense and inspiring days wrapped up 3 September as the FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy (FVLA) 2022 concluded. Young leaders from over 70 countries took part in the two days of online sessions meant to help them build knowledge in university sport that can help grow their national (NUSF) and continental (CUSF) university sports federations.  

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Following an opening ceremony on day one that included FISU Acting President Leonz Eder, experts in various fields of university sport delivered sessions and presentations on topics such as: 

  • FISU events and opportunities 

  • Student engagement with NUSFs and CUSFs 

  • Development of personal action plans as FISU Student Ambassadors 

  • Media and communications best practices 


FISU Secretary General Eric Saintrond joined the group to thank all for their participation which was then followed by a cultural programme to end the first day.  


“[The] FVLA 2022 experience has been amazing. My best highlight of day one was seeing a lot of young people and from all around the world here with the same purpose, building a better world through university sports,” remarked Catia Sabino from Portugal. 


The second day continued providing participants insightful presentations and ideas to help them build their own practice and expertise within the field of university sport. Subjects addressed on day two included: 

  • Volunteer management 

  • An introduction to the FISU Student Committee 

  • A review of the FISU Student Ambassador Programme and time to consider possible projects within the four themes of educational activities and local FVLA, sports events, community activities and volunteer management, as well as gender equality  

  • Insights from experienced leaders and athletes in university sport 


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While the sessions were online, each day did include some movement with a day one stretching workout and a ‘try the sport’ session on day two. Additionally, multiple cultural programmes and opportunities for participants to get acquainted took place throughout the programme.  


Cyprus participant Simoni Kyriakou said, “I liked all the sessions but especially I like the idea of the action plan. I really enjoy because it gives me the opportunity to discuss things with my federation.” 


At the conclusion, participants were welcomed as new FISU Student Ambassadors and with the experience of FVLA these young leaders are now in a great position to contribute further to the university sport movement around the world.  




Written by Doug McLean