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Home News FISU in three European Commission Erasmus+ projects

FISU in three European Commission Erasmus+ projects

FISU 1 September 2022

FISU will be involved for the first time in three Erasmus+ projects (collaborative partnerships), whose results were announced by the European Commission at the end of last week.


“Cycling Campus and City” is the name of the project led by the University of Coimbra that aims to promote sustainability through sport and ecological circulation.


A network of For European Universities will be established to identify, improve and enhance an active and green mobility. Bicycle, whether electric or conventional, will be used as the main premium mode of transport, and cycle paths will be identified and promoted, in a first station, primarily to, from and within the university campus.


Partners: University of Coimbra, FISU, Università degli Studi di Torino, University UCJC Madrid, University Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3, Union Européenne de Cyclotourisme and MUV B Corp.


The “Green Campus” programme that the European Network of Academic Sport Services (ENAS) launched with FISU and other partners within the programme of the European Commission has the following objectives: evaluating the current implementation of sustainable and healthy lifestyle promotion activities within the university sport context ; and developing innovative digital training opportunities and mentorship programmes for professionals working within European universities on how to promote a sustainable and healthy lifestyle through the university sport.


Partners: ENAS, FISU, European Network for Innovation and Knowledge, Wageningen University of Research, Universidad Pablo de Olavide de Sevilla, Sport Evolution Alliance, Cuicui Studios SL.


The “INTERACT Plus”, led by TAFISA, is a project that aims to support a change of paradigm in the sport movement’s model of sport delivery, by targeting International Sports Organisations as primary and direct target group, and their members as secondary and indirect target group, which will be encouraged and empowered to develop and promote Sport for All towards all citizens, with a special focus on the physically inactive ones and on people belonging to underprivileged socio-demographic backgrounds.


Partners: FISU, University of Limerick, International Dance Organization, ITTF Foundation, World Minigolf Sport Federation, International Fistball Association, Confederation Boccistica Internazionale, European Flying Disc Federation, World Dodgeball Federation, Union Cycliste Internationale, International Table Soccer Federation,  International Federation of Teqball International Tchoukball Federation, International Floorball Federation, International Functional Fitness Federation.


The global amount approved for each project to be distributed among the partners was 400,000€ and FISU’s role in these three programmes focuses mainly on international dissemination and technical development of the proposals involving various departments.