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Home News FISU Evaluation Committee visited Chungcheong Megacity

FISU Evaluation Committee visited Chungcheong Megacity

Summer Games 31 August 2022

From 26 to 31 August, the FISU Evaluation committee assessed the sports venues and infrastructure of the Chungcheong Megacity (Korea), a candidate for the 2027 FISU World University Games Summer.


The visit started with the ‘One Million Signatures’ delivery ceremony. A campaign to collect a million signatures supporting the Chungcheong Megacity 2027 Bid Committee (CMBC), it reached its goal already in July 2022.


“I sincerely hope the passion and efforts shown by our people for Chungcheong 2027 can be transmitted to the FISU evaluation committee,” said Min-ho Choi, the Mayor of Sejong City.  


The FISU Evaluation Committee then visited several locations, including the Sejong Chungnam University Hospital which will serve as the medical center for the athletes’ village, the Daejeon World Cup Stadium, which will be hosting the opening ceremony, and the Yi Sun-sin Stadium and Cheongju University Seokwoo Cultural Gymnasium.


The FISU delegation also met with high level governors and participated in a presentation session, press conference and questions & answers sessions about the preparation of Chungcheong 2027.


“We are impressed by the overall concept of this bid,” said FISU Acting President Leonz Eder. “With the Korean government’s vision to develop the Chungcheong megacity region, we are not surprised that the financial, logistical and personal support of both the national and local authorities is very high.”


“I am really amazed by the quality of the legacy plan,” said Éric Saintrond, FISU Secretary-General/CEO. “Chungcheong 2027’s suggestion to cooperate with FISU’s Healthy Campus Programme is also excellent and will be inspiring and encouraging for student-athletes in the local universities and communities and over the world.”


“Chungcheong Megacity is ready to host the event with the full financial and administrative support of both the central and local governments, without any political interference and with the highest level of safety,” said Yoon-suk Kim, CMBC Secretary General. “Chungcheong 2027 also brings the fervour and experience inherited from hosting the Gwangju 2015 Universiade.”


The host for the 2027 FISU Games will be determined and announced during FISU’s Executive Committee meeting in Brussels this November.


The FISU delegation consisted of Leonz Eder, FISU Acting President, Marian Dymalski, FISU Vice President, Éric Saintrond, FISU Secretary-General and CEO, Jing Zhao, FISU Games Summer Director and Byong-jin You, member of FISU’s Executive Committee. The FISU representatives met with Yoon-suk Kim, Chungcheong Megacity 2027 Bid Committee Secretary General, and high-level representatives from Chungcheong Megacity, including the Mayor of Daejeon Metropolitan City Jang-woo Lee, Mayor of Sejong City Min-ho Choi, Chungcheongbuk-do Province Governor Young-hwan Kim, and Chungcheongnam-do Province Deputy Governor Pil-young Lee.