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Home News FISU webinars about women in sport, dual career and digitalisation start on Monday!

FISU webinars about women in sport, dual career and digitalisation start on Monday!

10 December 2021

With so much anticipation and planning having gone into the Lucerne 2021 FISU World Conference in Central Switzerland, all efforts have not been lost as FISU webinars with the same speaker series will still take place on 13 and 14 December online (registration is open to all!). These webinars will revolve around discussions for the main theme of ‘challenges and opportunities for sport in modern society,’ under the sub themes of the dual career, digitalisation, and women in high performance sport.  


Register here! 

13 December—Women in high performance sport (registration link) 

14 December—Dual Career (registration link) 

14 December—Digitalisation (registration link) 


“We have all been saddened by the cancellation of the Lucerne 2021 FISU World Conference, and though we cannot meet in person, we, in FISU, thought it would have been a pity not to benefit from the expertise of our three keynote speakers,” said Dr Verena Burk, FISU Senior Executive Committee Member and Chair of the FISU Education Committee. “During those webinars, we will hear their insights on three topics of prime importance for FISU, and for the international sports movement in general. I hope we will be many to follow their presentations to contribute to the discussions they will initiate.” 


Topics covered will include the following from three keynote speakers:  


13 December—13:00-14:30 CET 

Women in high performance sport: Dr Jessica Piasecki 

Speaking about women in high performance sport is marathon athlete from the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and lecturer from the University of Nottingham, Dr Jessica Piasecki. Dr Piasecki was a student-athlete herself and focused her research on the effects of exercise for musculoskeletal health, where she has used this experience and brought it to the “Power Group- National Institute of Women’s Health and Performance”. She plays a key role at this organisation as she assists other researchers and clinicians to provide the best solutions for female athlete health in sport.  


Dr Piasecki will also address the following topics around women in high performance sport: 

  • Challenges that women face in high performance sport 

  • Historical development in sport and its relationship to equality  

  • Marketing potential for women sports teams  

  • How club and association developments contribute to professionalization in women’s sport   


14 December—13:00-14:30 CET 

Dual career: Dr Paul Wylleman 

Speaking about the dual career is Dr Paul Wylleman from Vrije Universiteit Brussel, whose research and publications range from holistic career development and psychological competence of elite athletes to mental and psychological support in Olympic and Paralympic sports. Also with experience as the President of the European Federation of Sport Psychology (FEPSAC) and Distinguished International Scholar of the Applied Association of Sport Psychology (AASP, USA), he has been working in this field for the last 30 years to support elite athletes and coaches that took part in a variety of Olympic sports.  


Topics discussed with Dr Wylleman about the dual career will include:  


  • Implementation and challenges with the dual career 

  • Employability of professional athletes and athlete career transitions  

  • How to plan career transitions  

  • How other stakeholders and institutional factors can help  


14 December—14:30-16:00 CET 

Digitalisation: Dr Tim Ströbel  

Dr. Tim Ströbel is from Germany and current Professor Marketing & Sport Management at the University of Bayreuth, who will speak about digitalisation in sport. His focus is currently on brand management, brand building and digital transformations in the field of marketing. Broader areas covered by Dr. Ströbel are sports management and media management.  


Topics discussed by Dr. Ströbel around digitalisation in sport will include the following: 


  • How universities can adapt technology to develop their programmes 

  • How sport is consumed, service providers, along with challenges and opportunities that arise 

  • How digital technologies are used in sports and education management  

  • Risks for athletes when using such technology  


Access to the webinars is free and open to everyone, as the schedule and links can be found below. The event will also be streamed live on our LinkedIn page—stay tuned! 


13 December—Women in high performance sport (registration link) 

14 December—Dual Career (registration link) 

14 December—Digitalisation (registration link) 


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