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Home News FISU signs MoU with MEFS and talks Healthy Campus at Sport and Innovation Conference

FISU signs MoU with MEFS and talks Healthy Campus at Sport and Innovation Conference

FISU 23 September 2021

Organised by the University of Physical Education of Budapest and the National Handball Academy of Balatonboglar, FISU recently attended the Sport and Innovation International Conference that aims to foster dialogue on recent findings, innovative ideas, and methods further turning these ideas into success. This year, the conference was host to around 300 participants from more 30 European universities.


It was on this occasion that FISU signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Hungarian University Sports Federation (MEFS), officially signed by FISU Acting President, Leonz Eder and President of MEFS, Lajos Mocsai. As this MoU was signed, both FISU and MEFS mentioned the importance of the Healthy Campus programme for the development of physical activity and well-being. In addition, MEFS have dedicated four people from three universities to further develop the programme at more Hungarian universities.


“Signing this MoU means greater things can be achieved between MEFS and FISU,” said FISU Acting President, Leonz Eder. “We hope that this is just the beginning of our cooperation with universities to create a better life on campus and are looking forward to having similar agreements with other university sport bodies like this in the future.”


Along with signing of the MoU, Leonz Eder and FISU Director of Healthy Campus and Universities Relations, Fernando Parente presented as a keynote speaker in the opening ceremony of the conference on the topic of innovation on well-Being for campus communities to other university representatives from various other countries. In addition, FISU participated in a workshop and roundtable with a focus on creating healthy campuses worldwide.


“From our discussions with various university representatives, it was clear that there is a big interest in creating a healthier and more sustainable campus for university students all around the world,” said Fernando Parente. “By adapting and implementing the Healthy Campus programme like we are doing with Hungarian universities, we hope that other countries and universities will follow their lead in the future as well.”

More information about the Sport and Innovation Conference can be found here.


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