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Home News IDUS 2021 colourfully celebrated

IDUS 2021 colourfully celebrated

21 September 2021

The sixth edition of the International Day of University Sport (IDUS) on Monday 20 September 2021 was celebrated worldwide with many activities related to university sports around the globe. The international event, proclaimed by UNESCO, celebrates the University Sport Movement and promotes health and well-being for university sport communities. FISU also encourages its members to organise activities and share their celebrations in order to raise awareness about the day itself.


Here is a round-up of how different countries celebrated IDUS all around the globe!


In collaboration with the Federation of Africa University Sports (FASU), the Association of Uganda University Sports (AUUS) ran a press conference in the morning, a webinar reuniting participants from 12 different countries and an aerobic session to end the day. Africa is planning on keeping the IDUS buzz going with a quiz on university sports on 27 September. More information here.

Coaching Senende Secondary School and Kenya Secondary School Association

Libya organised their first 3×3 Basketball Championship

Somalia discussed youth and sports and organised a basketball event

South Africa’s webinar with student leaders and netball tournament

The official governing body of University Sport in South Africa held a webinar on IDUS with six student leaders on the topic of “The role of Student Leaders in the development of Sport in South African universities”. In addition, a netball tournament took place and was livestreamed for all to watch.

Zambia organised sport activities but also cultural dances for University Students Athletes


FISU America organised continental games, which included several virtual challenges in celebration of IDUS. The activities were played in collaboration with athletes, leaders, coaches and anyone who wished to join. The challenges were held from 16-21 September with the theme of “playing to celebrate”.

Brazil participated in a public hearing at the Chamber’s Sports Commission

For this year’s celebration, the Brazilian National University Sports Federations (CBDU), represented by CBDU President Luciano Cabral, participated in a public hearing of the Chamber’s Sports Commission.


In addition, CBDU also joined the initiative proposed by FISU America, with a series of challenges. From 18-19 September, a Clash Royale championship event took place with the participation of 28 Brazilians out of 38 participants.

Costa Rica celebrated with multiple sports activities

Trinidad and Tobago’s aerobic activities

Students from nine tertiary level institutions celebrated the IDUS with a virtual aerobic burnout, which was coordinated by Brent Elder and Orlando Pyle, who are considered two big players in the fitness industry in Trinidad and Tobago (TTO).


“This year our virtual aerobic burnout is expected to engage hundreds of enthusiastic students and staff from our member institutions. We are also encouraging all of TTO to join in on this fun and exciting activity. Through this event, we are hoping to create further awareness of the benefits of physical activity. We hope that it will encourage people to get involved in daily movement activities as a start towards leading a more active lifestyle.”


The AUSF celebrated IDUS by hosting the second edition of the AUSF Run Challenge on 19-21 September with the motto “Togethter We Run, Forever We Shine”. Sixteen thousand participants from nine member federations consisting of the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong, India, Republic of Korea, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia and Chinese Taipei took part in the virtual race. All university students, faculties and NUSF staff from AUSF member federations were also welcome to participate in this event. Each team was comprised of four people from the same NUSF, regardless of age, gender and ethnicity.


Each of them finished their own share of the total distance and completed 20.21 kilometres together. They ran together at one location or ran separately at different locations. To better view the results, participants needed to download an application to record the whole process of their running, screenshot their results and submit it to the respective NUSF. All participants whose team completes the required distance successfully were awarded certificates of participation.

AUSC celebrated IDUS for the first time

This year, the ASEAN University Sports Council (AUSC) took part of the IDUS by organsing a virtual fit challenge which was initiated by by the AUSC Secretariat based in Kuala Lumpur. 


167 university students from 23 ASEAN universities which involved 38 female and 129 male students, participated in this challenge. Each team competed in 10 challenges namely skipping rope challenge, plank challenge, wall squat challenge, keep it up challenge, figure of 8 challenge, push yourself challenge, burpee challenge, climb the mountain challenge, star jump challenge and speed bounce challenge.


Through this event, AUSC hope to create further awareness of the benefits of physical activity and these activities will encourage students to get involved in daily movement activities as a start towards leading a more active lifestyle.

IDUS celebration concluded successfully in China

The Federation of University Sports of China (FUSC) also took part of the AUSF Run Challenge this year. “Through the event, FUSC aims to encourage more common university students apart from student-athletes, to actively practice sports, improve their physical fitness and face up to the challenges caused by COVID-19 pandemic, which hopefully will raise awareness of the whole university community to get united and care about the well-being of body and mind”, said Dr. Yanqing XUE, FUSC Vice President and AUSF President.

India combined energy and serenity

For IDUS, India organised a half marathon in which 433 participants took part. The race was followed by a rejuvenating yoga session and the celebration ended with an Indian folk dance Bhangra activity, that turned out to be the highlight of the event and gathered both students and staff from the campus.

Lebanon celebrated with indoor and outdoor activities: mini-football, tug of war, free throw contest and information stand

Singapore joined the Asian activities through the AUSC Virtual Fit Challenge, the AUSF Run Challenge and the TeamNUS Summit 2021

Sri Lanka tested participant’s sport knowledge with a sports quiz

The Sri Lanka Sports Association organised a quiz to test the knowledge on the topics of world sport, University Sport and the Olympic Games. The quiz consisted of 50 questions and used an online platform to allow all participants to join from home.


Germany ran the second edition of their running challenge

The German University Sports Federation (adh) hosted the second edition of the adh-Hochschullauf together with their health care partner Die Techniker and several other sponsors. Similarly to last year, participants were asked to walk or run the length of their choice within a maximum of one hour with the result counting for the individual class, as well as for the their (or former) university. In order to move as many people as possible, alumni from universities and university staff were invited participate in the challenge.


While adh counted 473 people running for last year’s inaugural event, this year’s participant numbers were doubled to 988 people who ran on IDUS coming from 83 different member universities.

Italy signed official papers for the 2025 FISU World University Games and organised educational and sport activities

Centro Universitario Sportivo Italiano (CUSI) had the final part of their Educational Programme for Sport Instructors for disabled people. CUSI also presented their research on Dual Career of student athletes in Italian universities. Finally, they set sport activities in collaboration with University Sport Centres. At the same occasion, FISU Acting President, Leonz Eder came to Turin to sign the official contrat to host the 2025 FISU World University Games.

Russian Federation celebrated IDUS with multiple events in different cities

The Russian National University Sports Federation celebrated IDUS under the Moscow Games, an international student festival in Ekaterinburg and an educational forum in St. Petersburg. Moscow also hosted an IDUS festival and an awarding ceremony. In total, more than 50’000 students from 50 regions attended these events to celebrate university sport and IDUS.

FISU Oceania

The Oceania University Sports Association organised a competition for their university clubs and student associations with a gift of 500 AUSD to win. They were invited to organise an event or activity on campus or online on 20 September and share their videos and photos on social media to raise awareness on sports activity in universities.