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Home News The 3×3 Trick Shot Challenge starts today!

The 3×3 Trick Shot Challenge starts today!

5 August 2020

Eromon Uadiale from Macquarie University, AUS

The UWC 3×3 Trick Shot Challenge is here! Get ready for some entertaining shots through the hoop, as FISU brings you the top four trick shots from among our 3×3 basketball community. A few weeks ago, we had invited entries from all our previous participants of the FISU University World Cup 3×3.


The idea originated from outstanding FISU athlete Sara Meden, who had taken over the FISU Instagram account during the #FitAtHome campaign in April this year.



VeronikaVeronika Kosmach of Vasyl Stefanyk University, UKRDuring her takeover, Meden pulled off a stunning trick shot that was reminiscent of her stellar performance at the 2018 FISU University World Cup 3×3 where she had led the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) team.


“It wasn’t so easy,” she says of the shot she pulled off in the Instagram takeover. “Because I needed a good assistant – my dad – who had to repeatedly get the ball after the missed shots and pass it back to me throughthe window on the first floor!”


So now, following in Meden’s footsteps will be Eromon Uadiale (in top picture) from Macquarie University, Australia, Kimiya Yazdian Tehrani from the Islamic Azad University of Iran, Veronika Kosmach of the Vasyl Stefanik University in Ukraine (left) and William Weihermann, from Paulista University, Brazil.


Each day starting today, we will introduce one of these exciting athletes on our social media channels. University sport fans will have the chance to vote for their best shot among three attempts, on the FISU Instagram account.



After all four top trick shots have been determined, there will be open voting to crown the UWC 3×3 Trick Shot Challenge winner.


KimiyaKimya Yazdian Tehrani from Islamic Azad University, IRI

So head on over to the FISU Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to meet these ballers and make sure you vote for your favourite shot on Instagram.

WilliamWilliam Weihermann from Paulista University, BRA