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Home News First ever fully online FISU event held succesfully

First ever fully online FISU event held succesfully

23 June 2020

2020 FVLA 1


FISU President Oleg Matytsin opened the 2020 edition of the FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy by saying to the participants: “You are the future FISU Student Ambassadors. You will be the link between FISU and its national and continental member federations. This event is a great platform; the knowledge and experience will help you in becoming leaders of tomorrow.”


The 2020 FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy (FVLA) had the distinction of being FISU’s first ever fully online event. Normally held every year in Kazan, Russian Federation, this time the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic led to a revised, online programme. There was no dearth of enthusiasm though, as a total of 237participants registered across the 2-day session on 22 and 23 June.


Kristian Damore“It was awesome to meet dozens of people from all over the world who share a passion for university sports,” said Kristian D’amore from Canada (left) after the session. “I’m looking forward to the second part in September.”


While the June session were introductory in nature, the main 2020 FVLA sessions will be held in September 2020, also online. During the FVLA, the emerging sports management leaders receive an intense programme that includes lectures, roundtable discussions and networking opportunities to develop their knowledge and competence in specific topics related to sport events.


One of the key tasks for the FVLA attendees is to drive the International Day of University Sport (IDUS) – a FISU initiative endorsed by the UNESCO – in their home countries. FISU Sceretary General and CEO Eric Saintrond also stressed upon this as he addressed the participants.


“There are many ways to be involved with FISU activities and events, but one of the main tasks for you as FISU Student Ambassadors will be to work closely with your National University Sports Federations in the planning and execution of activities for IDUS,” Saintrond said to the online gathering. “From there many Student Ambassadors have gone onto be part of international FISU events such as the World University Games, the FISU Forum and even part of FISU Committees.”


“In today’s session I learn what FISU expects from us,” said Polina Ignatjeva from Estonia.


Russia, Nadezhda KashchenkoRussian Nadezhda Kashchenko (right) agreed and added, “Now I understand what a FISU Student Ambassador does, and also the potential obstacles and how to manage them.”


“I also finally practiced line dancing!” she added, with delight. The day’s session ended with some dancing, albeit virtual, which the participants enjoyed very much. They also heard from some past attendees, who are now FISU Student Ambassadors.


“This first online FVLA session was very inspiring,” said Iskra Karakash from North Macedonia. “We heard and learnt about the experiences of other FISU Student Ambassadors and it was very motivational.”


The aim of the FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy is to create a volunteering community around the world that can share the best global practices in all kinds of sports events.