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Home News New approach to Somalian university sports activities

New approach to Somalian university sports activities

FISU 21 June 2020

Somalia 2

The Somalia University Sports Federation is the body mandated to run university sports in the country and it is the only organisation in the country that connects students at both, academic and athletic level.


President Yusuf Alaso had a conversation with future FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy participant Ahmed Hassan Wehlie, better known as Ahmed Jubba.


Somalia 3“The Somali Universities Sports Federation was founded on 1 January, 1985. It was a member of Somalia Olympics under the Somali government in general, but later on in 1991 the federation stood alone and stepped away from political activities,” the president of Somalia Universities Sports Federation Yusuf Alaso tells Ahmed Jubba.


“The federation faced many obstacles because physical education in the country is quite limited. Our organisation was also not that knowledgeable but we did some good things so far,” Alaso stressed.


“Our heroes and founders of this federation are Farah Wehlie Addow,  Sindico Adan, Yabarow Wiish, Nuur Jeenyo, Abdulkadir Abkaw and Abdullahir Trabi,” explained Alaso. “Before them, the country’s sports activities were very less and people were not aware of the value and how sports can bring people together. They established different sports federations which are now active and working inside the country. So we will never forget what did for Somalian sports. Their contribution is counted and appreciated.”


Somalia 4“We now regularly organise sports events and university students participate, as athletes and volunteers,” added Alaso. 


The President of the federation also further mentioned their future plans.  “We want to conduct a national university sports conference which will be very unique. We will bring together expertise in sports with former players, referees, sports managers and also officials from different university sports in the country.”


“We are going to tackle key problems regarding why our students are not practicing physical education and so on. And also in this time of COVID-19 we are planning to do online sessions for our student-athletes to study and stay fit at home.”


By: Ahmed Hassan Wehlie