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We enjoy watching sports from home, or from the stadium. But sports is not always as fun as it looks from the outside. Athletes have to go through a lot of hardship before reaching the podium.


Sports itself is an adventure, but when you’re into adventure sports, it makes it even more complicated. Alpine skiing is one of the most liked winter sports in most countries. There are countless athletes who have won gold medals at the Olympics and world championships, but many of them have also had to deal with injuries during their career.


Frenchman Perrier Paul, who is competing at the Winter Universiade in Krasnoyarsk, believes that skiers can reduce the danger by being more careful on the slopes.


“I have fear, but it’s good, the fear makes me good at skiing. We have to take risk but only good risk.”


He added that skiers have to be mentally strong. “My strength is I inspire myself and motivate myself mentally while skiing.”


It’s a beautiful, fast sport and there is no doubt that it’s dangerous. Knee injuries are the most common among skiers,” said veteran sport journalist Brian Pinelli. “There are a lot of crashes and some serious ones.”


Giving the example of 82-time world cup winner Lindsey Vonn, Pinelli added that she finally had to retire after having several injuries to her knees and fingers.


Canadian Marie Desrosiers, who also competes in Krasnoyarsk, says that skiers are aware of the possible risk they face while skiing but still love to do it.


“We know the risk when we race, especially in the speed events, but we do it because we love it.”

Franny Alexis, who won a silver medal in women’s super G on Sunday, believes that the sport comes with an inherent risk of danger. “It’s a big risk but we have to take it. Even I had a small injury but I am back now.”


In 2014, there were more than 114,000 alpine skiing-related injuries treated in hospitals, according to reports. The most common types of ski injuries are to the knee, head, neck, shoulder, hand and back areas. In alpine, for every 1,000 people skiing per day, two to four on average will require medical attention. Most accidents are the result of an error leading to a fall.


By FISU International Young Reporter Sonita Aryal at the Krasnoyarsk 2019 Winter Universiade