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Home News 3rd FISU Gala honours the Best of International University Movement

3rd FISU Gala honours the Best of International University Movement

18 August 2017



TAIPEI – Tradition and modernity blended into a perfect union during the 3rd FISU Gala at the Taipei City Hall on 18 August. The welcome reception, which preceded the awards ceremony, set the tone for the evening in the musical accompaniment of the Taipei Chinese Orchestra Academy. A scintillating drumming routine by U-Theatre subsequently encapsulated the indomitable spirit of young athletes and marked the beginning of the Gala. A highlight was the last performance of the night by Miling’an, who presented Golden Miracle, an insight into local aboriginal myths and legends.


Eleven individuals and organisations were honoured with the FISU Awards for their remarkable contribution to the development of university sport.




Along with acknowledging past and present accomplishments, presentations for three upcoming Universiades in Krasnoyarsk (2019 WU), Napoli (2019 SU) and Lucerne (2021 WU) looked towards the future.


In a brief chat with the Young Reporters, the awardees shared their thoughts and vision for the future.


 FISU President Matytsin presents the Award to Alojzy Nowak


The FISU Award for ‘Best NUSF’ was won by Akademicki Zwiazek Sportowy, the Polish NUSF. President of AZS, Mr. Alojzy Nowak, believes that culture was a primary reason the university won the coveted award, we have prepared for them good conditions for exercising, for attending international sports competitions, but I think it is also important that there is a good atmosphere, within the organisation, within the university. Participation combined with performance was also a key driver for the university’s sustained excellence, our students which are exercising in sport, also achieved a lot, in terms of medals, in terms and attending Universiades.” – Laura Quilter (NZL)


 FISU 1st VP Eder presents the Award to Leho Haldna


The International Orienteering Federation received the Award for ‘Best International Sport Federation’. “It is the first big award for our organization from such a high level organization like FISU. Because our sport is not an Olympic sport we don’t have so many places to be seen globally. Here, this is a good place for us,” Leho Haldna, IOF President commented. – Laetitia Béraud (FRA)


 FISU VP Senghor presents the Award to Xing Zunming


The FISU Award for ‘Best FISU Promotion Project’ went to the FISU World University League 3×3. Mr Xing Zunming, Dean of the School of Physical Education said, “We are so delighted to be honoured by FISU. The format of the competition is ground-breaking, which is why we were able to win this Award. We have a deep cooperation with FISU, and in the future, we will devote more to promoting this competition worldwide and providing a better platform for all university students to interact in.” – Kimara Singh (RSA) & Chi Ye (CHN)


 FISU VP Cabral presents the Award to Csaba Deak, Chancellor of the University of Miskolc & President of the OC


The FISU Award for ‘Best 2016 World University Championship’ goes to the Hungarian NUSF for the organisation of the 20th World University Orientation Championship in Miskolc.


 FISU VP Dymalski presents the Award to Valentyn Gavrylko


The FISU ‘Special Award – Person’ was bestowed upon Valentyn Gavrylko, former Secretary General, of the Ukrainian NUSF. “I’m proud to have given all my life to university sports. My goal is to uplift not only the mental and physical aspects of student athletes, but also help them become financially independent. Sports is not just about earning medals, it’s about excelling as a human being.” – Annesha Ghosh (IND)


FISU President Matytsin presents the Award to Kim Seongju


The Korean National Sport University earned the ‘Best University’ Award. President, Mr Kim Seongju: “It is an honour to everybody involved with the University. We have 15 athletes at this Universiade and have had good performances in the FISU, the Universiade and also the Olympic Games so I am very happy with this Award.” – Kirralee Thomas (AUS)


 FISU SG/CEO presents the Award to Lorenzo Lentini


FISU ‘Special Award, Organisation’ went to Centro Universitario Sportivo Italiano (CUSI). “I am very happy for this acknowledgement”, said Lorenzo Lentini, the President of CUSI. “Moreover, 60 years after Torino in 1959, we will welcome the world in Naples in 2019. We are very excited!” – Salim Valji (CAN)


 FISU VP Liguo present the Award to Zhennian Ni


The Award for ‘Best Commercial Partner’ went to Qiaodan. “It’s really an honour,” Mr. Zhennian Ni, General Manager of Qiaodan said. “To support and be a partner of FISU for over 10 Universiades is also my honour. It’s my honour to receive this prize and hopefully we can have more chances for cooperation in the future.” – Karl Sündstrom (SWE)


FISU 1st Assessor presents the Award to Yanjiang Cai


The Award for ‘Best Media Partner’ went to the Asian-Pacific Broadcasting Union. Yanjiang Cai, Director of Sports ABU said: “Sport is always an important business inside ABU. We deliver to more than 4 billion people here in the Asian-Pacific region. People in Asia love sports and it is very important for younger generations because of this we feel the urge and are encouraged to bring more sport to people. We have delivered Universiade sports for more than four years and it has helped build up our audience and encouraged more youth to participate in sports. It is an honour to receive this prize from FISU and it encourages us to do our best to deliver university sports to our audience.” – Matt Barnard (AUS)


 Valeria Schmidt & Thomas Van Der Plaetsen


Brazilian Valeria Schmidt, five times Futsal World University Champion, received the Award ‘Best Female Athlete’. “This Award is a dream come true. Every athlete aims to reach his or her full potential and I believe that I managed to come very close to that. I think that all of the daily efforts and struggles that I have endured has been rewarded tonight and I am very grateful for and happy with this title.” – Rafaela Buriti (BRA)


Belgian decathlete Thomas Van der Plaetsen, a double Universiade champion (2013 & 2015 and European Champion) was awarded ‘Best Male Athlete’. “It feels very nice to win this award. I knew I was invited, and they just told me that there is a surprise for me. Both of my Universiades experiences are very important to me. Now I’m happy to be here, not as an athlete, just enjoying the city and being there for the Belgian athletes.” – Leticia Dawidowicz (BEL)