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Home News Torch relay through Taipei crosses open sea to reach cluster of islands

Torch relay through Taipei crosses open sea to reach cluster of islands

18 July 2017

The sacred Universiade flame reaches the 2017 host country’s northwestern most archipelago


LIANJIANG, CHINESE TAIPEI – The FISU torch continued through the northwestern most parts of Chinese Taipei to the outlying island county of Lianjiang. The events marked the third stop of the 22-day city tour throughout the country.


The flame makes its arrival to feet of the folklore sea goddess Matsu 

The torch’s tour through the host country started with a summit run to the top of Mt. Jade that lit up the highest point in Chinese Taipei before continuing on to the island counties of Penghu and Kinmen before the day’s ceremonial route through Lianjiang County.



The sacred flame first was carried by boat across the East China Sea between Nangan and Beigan, where it passed the tallest Matsu statue in the world, the Colossus of Mazu. Built from 365 granite blocks, each block symbolizes the protection that Matsu – a folklore sea goddess – provides people every day of the year.


 The torch made the third of its 22 day tour around Chinese Taipei. The event culminates with the lighting of the Universiade cauldron to mark the start of the Taipei Summer Universiade 2017.


Torchbearers on the day included Miang-Liang Wang, freestyle wrestling bronse medalist at the 2017 Asian Youth Wrestling Championships and Yun-Feng Lu, a table tennis medal winner at the 2007 and 2009 Summer Universiades.



Before coming to Chinese Taipei, the Universiade torch was lit in Turin, Italy. The Italian City was chosen in recognition of its role as the host of the first-ever Universiade in 1959 and visited Bangkok, Thailand and Daegu, Republic of Korea before reaching the 2017 Universiade host country.



The domestic route consists of four stages, each for a letter of love. Lianjiang was the last stop of the “L” stage, with tomorrow moving to the mainland of Chinese Taipei to kick off the second “O” stage in Yilan County.


The Summer Universiade is setting up to be an incredible success: Opening Ceremony tickets to watch the parade of nations enter the arena and see the lighting of the Universiade’s cauldron are already sold out over a month before the event.