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Home News #WUAlmaty2017: Aerials back as Optional Sport

#WUAlmaty2017: Aerials back as Optional Sport

Winter Games 31 January 2017



ALMATY – Yesterday, 30 and today, 31 January, the Aerials competition took place at the Tabagan Ski Resort, just outside Almaty. For the first time a ‘Mixed Team’ competition took place at the Winter Universiade. Six teams from four countries (BLR, CHN, KAZ & RUS) took part in the event. Each team was comprised of one male and one female jumper. The medal podium is as follows:

  1. Kazakhstan-2 (Zhanbota Aldabergenova, Baglan Inkarbek)
  2. China-1 (Syuy Kho, Shi Haitao)
  3. China-2 (Zhu Ying Ying, Guo Ziming)



“The levels of the jumpers was Eurocup level”, FIS Technical Delegate Rudolf Matt commented. “We had only double summersaults, not triple. But the level of jumps was pretty good.” This is only the second time Aerials features on the sports programme of the Winter Universiade. The first time was in Harbin, China in 2009. Since then the ‘Mixed Team Competition’ was added, hence the first time this takes place at the FISU event. “The Mixed Team Competition was added In FIS a couple of years ago and it’s exciting for the audience due to the two finals format,” the delegate added. “We have a first final and the best of this final reach the super final. In the super final they jumpers start from scratch again. I’m very satisfied with the whole competition.”


C. Pierre, FISU Press Officer