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Home News The victorious step! – 10th WUC Karate in Braga

The victorious step! – 10th WUC Karate in Braga

Championships 16 August 2016

BRAGA – Champions were distinguished on the last day of competition.


It’s the end of the road for the WUC Karate 2016, in Braga! On an intense journey, which started on August 10th, the story behind the last day of competition is told between many wins and some losses.


At UMinho Sports Hall, the bronze medalists stepped on the Tatami for the last time at 2pm to the female Team Kata performance.



Czech Republic got the best from China as they placed in third. Egypt followed Czech Republic girls’ footsteps and ended up taking the bronze home. As the day went on, the female Team Kata finals ended up revealing the new world university champions: Spain who won against host country Portugal! The male Team Kata final performance delivered the gold to Japan, the silver to France and the bronze to Spain and Egypt.


At female Team Kumite, the egyptian women took the gold medal, China Taipei got the silver and Austria shared the bronze with Macedonia.



On the male side, the Japanese athletes got the gold as the silver medal was given to Spain. The 3rd place on the podium belonged to Algeria and Egypt.


The closing ceremony officially finished off the first edition of the world university karate championship in Portugal.


Now, the WUC Karate travels to Japan. The city of Kobe receives the 11th edition in 2018.


(Source : OC Karate)


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