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Home News 11th WUC Equestrian with 18 Delegations

11th WUC Equestrian with 18 Delegations

29 June 2016



FLYINGE – The 11th World University Equestrian Championship 2016 in Flyinge began yesterday morning 28 June. 18 teams take part in the 11th edition of the event. The first team to compete in the dressage (class D1) was Team Germany. Germany, the host of the last WUEC 2012 in Aachen, was drawn to start this year. It can be quite a challenge to be the first. “It is always difficult to ride new horses, we all know. But it´s even harder to start first without having any impressions from the horses in action”, says Martin Kronenberg, Head of Delegation of the German team. “We have had much training in the last weeks, trying different and always new horses. Unfortunately, we had some difficulties in the first round.”
Rider Tim Möller adds “My horse was a bit shy and we had some trouble after the holding but we managed to get it together in the end.”

Till Möller (GER)

The German team is in good spirit from the dressage and is optimistic for the show jumping on Thursday.

Thailand: A Growing Equestrian Nation

Team Thailand
Equestrian sport in Thailand is growing. In the last ten years the number of riders have increased tremendously. And a view at the FEI registered riders shows jumping is the most popular discipline in Thailand, followed by eventing and dressage. Also endurance is quite popular. “Like in many Asian countries, eventing is the source of the sport”, says Nara Ketusing from the Thailand Equestrian Federation and Head of Delegation. Today the federation counts 87 riding clubs in Thailand, most of them in the Bangkok area. “There is a great interest in horse riding. But unfortunately big championships are missing. Every four years the horse scene meets at the Asian Games, but there are no international competitions in between”. So riders from Thailand do not miss any opportunity to start at international championships all over the world. Also the student riders: For the second time (after 2010 in Korea) they take part in a WUEC.


(Source WUEC OC)