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Double Trouble

12 July 2015



GWANGJU Olga Bogdanova and Viktoria Bogdanova are twin sisters, studying the same major and both competing for their native Estonia at the Gwangju Summer Universiade. Both are enrolled at Tallinn University majoring in Physical Studies and are rhythmic gymnasts.

Viktoria says that for her it’s not a competition when it comes to her sister. “When Olga is performing I feel very nervous and I want her to give her my best.” Olga concurs, “For us it is not about competition. I cheer when Viktoria is performing.”

For Viktoria rhythmic gymnastics allows her to embrace her inner emotions, “I can express and portray what I feel.” While her sister Olga says, “it is not like other sports where your speed matters. It is about strength, flexibility, versatility and emotions.”

Rhythmic gymnastics is the perfect combination of sport and art, where the gymnast has to link her expressions and emotions with music, dance and apparatus; which could be a ball, hoop, rope or ribbon. The gymnast’s goal is to cover the entire floor while using the apparatus.

Viktoria comments that each movement should be in rhythm “it involves high athletic skills. Each movement should blend well with the music because it is the collaboration of music and grace.”

Dania Abdullah (PAK), FISU Young Reporter