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Home News Tunisia struggling between Hope and Destiny

Tunisia struggling between Hope and Destiny

Summer Games 7 July 2015


GWANGJU – Happiness and sadness, hope and sorrow, will and despair, a mix of emotions has been expressed by Atef Ben Chaabane, the Tunisian head of delegation. Tunisia, a small country in Northern Africa was represented in the 28th Summer Universiade by two judo athletes Sarra Mzoughi and Hamza Barhoumi. The two representatives of nearly 11 million people of Tunisia, proudly held their country’s flag.

Lack of facilities and practice played a vital role in their defeat. However the coach was happy that they performed well. Our goal was not a medal, but the representation of Tunisia on an international platform. The participants have gained international experience and for now the only thing that matters is the exposure they had. “We will prepare for the next Universiade and try to bring our best student-athletes and perform well”, Atef Ben Chaabane commented. The lesson that we are looking to spread in Tunisia is the Youth power, the self-confidence, the brotherhood and mostly the importance of the sports at universities. Our goal now is advocating to encourage youth joining the sports clubs and secondly, to make the government invest more to keep the sport’s spirit. After what the youth showed during the Arab spring, we still have faith in this generation that will surely make a change in our country.


Henda Maarfi (TUN), FISU Young Reporter