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Home News Argentinian Female Fencer on her Way towards Victory

Argentinian Female Fencer on her Way towards Victory

5 July 2015


GWANGJU – The Argentinean delegation counts 120 members for this Summer Universiade in Gwangju. Among them there are 30 delegates and 90 competitors and one of them is Delfina.

21-year old Delfina Ibáñez is a fencer that has participated in the most important fencing competitions. “I’ve seen my schedule and will be participating with competitors from Italy, France, Russia and Austria. I know them and I know this is going to be a difficult task to do, but I would like to pass from the series to the elimination rank, it is difficult but I’m sure that I can do it”, she stated.

Delfina is the only female representing her country in her category. She started as a fencer fairly young, when her brother was little and was asked at the school what he wanted to be in the future and answered – a fencing teacher. So, that’s how her brother started practicing fencing at the age of six. “I really enjoyed to see him playing that sport, and then at the age of six someone asked me if I wanted to join this sport and in that moment I started, without knowing, to develop my sport career”, she said with a jolly smile.

She has competed in almost all territories of South America. In Europe she competed in Italy, Croatia, Russia, Hungary, Azerbaijan, Jordan, representing her country, and now in Korea. The greatest recognition she has received has been at the 2013 South American Youth Championship in Uruguay where she won a bronze medal at the South American Sports Games (ODESUR). She has many goals and dreams that she wants to accomplish, “my greatest desire is to compete in the Olympic Games, and although I don’t feel prepared to participate in them at the moment, I know that with effort and a lot of preparation I could achieve it”.


Karen Quintero (COL), FISU Young Reporter