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Home News Gangemi finds Her Love of Fencing in a Movie

Gangemi finds Her Love of Fencing in a Movie

Summer Games 4 July 2015



GWANGJU – Inspiration for Angelica Gangemi to pursue the sport of fencing came to her by watching a movie.

She had an unordinary start at the age of six and a half. Most get involved in a sport through influence of family and friends, Gangemi got her inspiration by a movie. After watching the The Parent Trap, with Lindsay Lohan battling her twin in a fencing match, she became encapsulated by the sport.

“I thought it was so cool,” Gangemi said. “I was living in New York at the time and my dad and I signed up for class. He stopped after about a month but I kept with it.”

Gangemi’s passion for fencing has developed her journey to the 2015 Summer Universiade, which will be the second time Gangemi will compete in Korea. The senior at Cornell University hasn’t been able to compete internationally since 2013 in the Korean and US Elite Fencing Invitational in Jeju Island.

Gangemi said, “I especially enjoy that competition because they foster friendly relationships with the Korean and US teams. You get to experience the combination culture with a high level competition, which is what makes it so great,” she continued.

Korea is known to host competition and culture; Gangemi has no doubt that the Universiade will reflect exactly that. “Based on my past visit to Korea, I know these games will deliver a similar experience, and then some more.”

Lizzy Whitbeck (USA), FISU Young Reporter