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Home News The 28th Universiade Countdown …

The 28th Universiade Countdown …

FISU 25 June 2015



Sarra Mzough TUNISIA – Few days separate us from one of the biggest youth challenging events: the 28th Summer Universiade that will be held from 3 to 14 July 2015 in Gwangju, a beautiful cultural city located in the South-west of Korea. Around 20,000 youth from across the world will be gathered together to share experiences and to meet challenges. The different sports present not only an incredible physical activity, but they also show the power of teamwork and team spirit.

By watching the 28th Summer Universiade, Youth in general and students in particular will be encouraged to join the sports club in their schools and universities as it can allow them to realize their dreams and believe in themselves by participating in an international competitive event and raising their country’s flag.

Tunisia, a small country from northern Africa will participate in the 28th Universiade with two athletes, one of them is Sarra Mzough which is the 2014 Junior World Champion in Judo for the 78 kg category.

The athletes started their preparation to be ready facing other talented youth. They are little bit stressed and enthusiastic at the same time. A member from the Sports Federation of Tunisia said that this an important event for them and for the student sport in Tunisia, it’s a big challenge and it boosts the young people to invest more time in sports whatever the sport is.

By looking at the list of the participating countries, we can see the world presented in small scale as a peaceful village full of energy and friendship. The games are an open door to every single person around the world and due to modern communication technology we have the opportunity to share these suspenseful moments no matter the distance that separates one from Gwangju.

Twelve youngsters from all continents will join as a team at the games in the frame of the FISU Young Reporters’ Programme (YRP). They will report on what they’ll see and experience during the event to their home countries and to the world. In addition to that, with the incredible talents of these YR and the communication team, people will feel the cultural diversity, the challenging games and the friendship spirit gathered together to paint the 28th Universiade picture.

Henda Maarfi (TUN), FISU Young Reporter