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Takeda Chinatsu, Biathlete without a Gun

FISU 31 January 2015

OSRBLIE –Japanese biathlete Takeda Chinatsu is a 22-years old student in her 4th year of Physical Education at Tokyo’s Nihon University. She started biathlon in August 2014, after starting cross-country skiing previously in her high school in Niigata.
Experiencing the Winter Universiade for the first time, the young Japanese was quite impressed: “Compared to competitions in which I take part in Japan, the level here is much higher. I’m not used to being confronted with such strong biathletes. As for the track, it was perfect for me despite some rather complicated hills. I will try to do better in Almaty in 2017.”

Unfortunately progression for Takeda looks pretty complicated. She considers herself to be strong enough on skis thanks to the many ski seminars in Japan, her weak spot however is the shooting. Takeda, as a student, does not have a license to carry a gun and shoot because she is not military. To my regret, I have not had the opportunity to bring my own gun from Japan. Permission was necessary, but I could not pass the exam to get it. I would also like to thank my friends from Osrblie who kindly provided me with a gun”, Takeda explained.

To target practice more regularly, Takeda plans to come more often to Europe. But she hopes to become a member of the military biathlon team at the end of her studies, which would greatly facilitate her sports development: My first goal is to enter the IBU Cup circuit and in the long term, I dream to represent my country at the Olympic Winter Games.”

David Vandenplas, Media Assistant