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Executive Committee Meeting – Day 2

8 March 2013

FISU EC in session

BRUSSELSAt the start of the second day of the EC-meeting in Brussels, FISU President Claude-Louis Gallien opened the meeting with congratulating all female EC members on the International Women’s Day. The second day was themed by the Universiades.

2013 Summer Universiade in Kazan

CSU, CSI Reports

CSU Chair Kemal Tamer and CTI Chair John Warnock presented their internal report on the Universiade preparations.

Kazan OC delegation

The FISU internal report was followed by the report from the Organizing Committee. Natalya Parshikova, Secretary of State, Deputy Minister of Sport of the Russian Federation gave an overview of the preparations and confirmed again the support of the government. Director General Vladimir Leonov also commented on the preparations. Major competition venues – the Aquatics Palace and the 45,000-seat football stadium that will be hosting the Opening and Closing Ceremonies – are currently at the stage of commissioning.

Natalya Parshikova, Secretary of State, Deputy Minister of Sport of the Russian Federation

The city and transport infrastructure is being finalised. A new passenger terminal at the Kazan Airport has started to receive international flights and a high-speed rail communication has been launched to provide transfer from the airport to Kazan city centre. The city roads and streets are being modernised along with the underground. All the Universiade venues will be completed by the scheduled deadlines. The work with the volunteers continues successfully. The Kazan 2013 team already includes 20,000 volunteers who will make the stay of the Games participants and guests as comfortable as possible. The Universiade Torch Relay continues through the Russian leg and in four months the flame of the Universiade Cauldron in Kazan will be lighted at the Opening Ceremony.

2015 Summer Universiade in Gwangju

FISU internal report: Melanie Stallecker, John Warnock, Marc Vandenplas & Zhao Jing

SU Director Marc Vandenplas, Summer Universiade Manager Jing Zhao and CTI Chair John Warnock presented their internal report on the Universiade preparations.

The Gwangju OC delegation presenting its progress report

GUOC reorganised itself to better prepare for the upcoming event and it mapped out the Venue Operation Plan based on the Action Plan. Based on the matters discussed during inspection visit of the Technical Committee, GUOC will flesh out and improve its plans and do all it can to ensure the resounding success of the event. Training of 120,000 volunteers who will play a leading role in the hosting of the event marks the first step towards that end. Volunteers were recruited and the Volunteer School that will train them was opened with the full support of the citizens of Gwangju. The trained volunteers will become a huge asset to Gwangju and the whole world alike at the 2015 Gwangju Universiade. GUOC guarantees that the training and management of volunteers will be conducted most systematically and efficiently. On the road to the Gwangju Universiade, Mudeung Mountain was promoted to national park status and the ‘Clean Road System’ to improve the quality of its air was set up, elevating the stature of Gwangju as an eco-friendly city. GUOC has pursued cooperation with sports organisations to obtain practical advice and stepped up collaboration with civic groups to maximize participation and promotion. It has conducted a multipronged marketing campaign in a step-by-step preparatory effort for the successful hosting of the event. GUOC is working seamlessly to make the Gwangju Summer Universiade a great festival of student-athletes from around the globe as well as an asset and a source of pride for the citizens of Gwangju.

2017 Summer Universiade in Taipei City

SU Director Marc Vandenplas and Sports Manager Zhoa Jing presented their internal report on the Universiade preparations.


Taipei delegation chaired by Vice-Mayor Ting reports on preparations of the 2017 Summer Universiade in Taipei City

The Taipei City delegation chaired by Vice-Mayor Ting reported on its preparations. It is obvious many of the preparations are still in a planning phase at this stage. The OC will conduct a Grand Venue Assessment and create renovation plans for existing. In the meanwhile important Universiade venues like the Taipei Dome, a Basketball Hall and a Tennis Venue are under construction. Still in its learning stage the OC has some plans for further research and learning opportunities such as the FISU Seminar in Taipei; the 2013 Kazan SU HOD Meeting and Kazan 2013 Observer Programme as well as its participation in the 2013 Kazan SU. Other learning opportunities will be the East Asian Games (Tianjin, China) and the Asian Youth Games (Nanjing, China). In 2014 the preparations will mainly be occupied by venue renovations; developing Sport Operational Plans for Compulsory and Optional Sports; planning for the Opening & Closing Ceremonies; developing a volunteer training and recruiting programme and developing a sponsorship programme and souvenir and related product designs. Progress planning for the following years up to the 2017 Universiade includes sponsoring and pressure-test events. In 2016 the venues and Athletes’ Village Construction will be completed and prior to the Games in 2017 the OC plans to conduct simulation tests for all OC divisions. The OC delegates also announced that the new website will be launched this month.

2013 Winter Universiade in Trentino

CSU with Roger Roth, Marian Dymalski, Kairis Ulp (Chair), Milan Augustin and Jiho Kim

CSU Chair Kairis Ulp, CTI Chair Roger Roth, CIC Chair Omar Al Hai and WU Director Milan Augustin presented the internal report on the preparations of the 26th Winter Universiade in Trentino.

The Trentino delegation presenting their progress report

Paulo Buquet, Vice-President and Stefan Ravelli, Deputy Secretary-General of the OC presented their progress report. The Committee and all its organs are constituted and operating. The Organization Chart is complete. Every operational area is now covered and teams are fully operational. More than 70 persons are involved with clearly defined roles and responsibilities. Volunteers & Training is in full swing. The OC targets 1,000 volunteers and so far received 750. On March 20th, the first training session for attachés and other groups of volunteers starts. The OC will also stage an International Conference with the following theme: ‘University sport: inspiring innovation’. A Scientific Committee has been created with worldwide experts in academic sport. The OC also started a Crowd Funding project to raise funds in order to finance particular organizing aspects and collected membership for self-financed projects:
– Family Project (PAT)
– Universiade eco-friendly with zero emissions

– Young Reporters
– UNESCO Dolomites
– Disability

A Creative Strategy and Official Look has also been developed. Regarding accommodation, 5 clusters for the hospitality have been confirmed: Trento, Monte Bondone, Baselga di Piné Levico Terme, Val di Fiemme and Val di Fassa. Furthermore, medical preparations are also been put into place. The Trento Hospital will serve as main hub for medical services. A number of test events have been scheduled as well, some already were successfully organised.

2015 Winter Universiade in Granada

WU Director Milan Augustin and Technical Chair Roger Roth presented their internal report.

The OC delegation of the 2015 Winter Universiade in Granada presents its progress report

The progress report of the Granada OC was represented by Aurelio Ureña, Aleksandra Pilecka and Pablo Gómez. Following the new supplementary agreement guaranteeing the optimal conditions to organise a successful event, the delegates gave an overview and description of the selected sport venues and presented the current stage of preparations in the different optional areas. During the Games, sport competitions will be staged in four sub-villages, i.e. Granada, Sierra Nevada, Guadix-Puerto de la Ragua and Antequera. The participants will be located in the hotels in the centre of Granada. This way the participants will be lodged in the historical part of the city and will have to opportunity to be part of the Urban University Campus and the vibrant student cultural life. The Granada OC also promotes environmental sustainability and is actively participating in recycling and working towards a plan for sustainable waste management during the games. Moreover, the Organizing Committee promotes a healthy life style among the young people during the University events. The OC invests in information technologies, giving its volunteers the opportunity to develop their skills on an e-learning platform and allowing its team to deliver on a more efficient level. The OC office is situated in the center of the Sports Faculty and is aware of the difficulties and of the insecurity the students are facing today regarding their professional future. Therefore it is actively committed to training young people, convinced that everyone should have the same opportunities for success in their future professional life providing internships.

2017 Winter Universiade in Almaty

WU Director Milan Augustin and Technical Chair Roger Roth presented their internal report.

 The delegation of Almaty presents the progress report of the 2017 WU

In connection with staff changes at the end of last year, the establishment of the OC was amended. The Chairman of the OC is now the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Mr. Serik Nygmetovich Akhmetov. The first meeting of Universiade Organizing Committee under the chairmanship of the PM was held on November 27th, 2012. Attendees of the meeting discussed the issues on construction of the sport venues and arrangement of works on preparing and execution of the 28th World Winter Universiade 2017 in Almaty. The Action Plan of the Organizing Committee was prepared and approved at the first meeting of the Organizing Committee. A working group on venue construction for the 2017 WU under the chairmanship of Deputy Akim of Almaty Mr. Victor Anatolyevich Dolzhenkov was established. The development of the Master Plan and Concept of the 28th Winter Universiade was completed.

Almaty presents its Masterplan FISU President Gallien

The final version of the Master Plan was approved by all involved state bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan and departments of Almaty Akimat. The Marketing Program of the 28th World Winter Universiade 2017 was developed as well. The program provides a uniform approach of the promotion and development of the image of the 28th World Winter Universiade 2017. Regarding venue construction, competition venues are to be constructed for figure-skating, short track, and ice hockey (men): the ice palace with the capacity of twelve thousand people with an additional skating stadium for two thousand people, a swimming pool, and a multi-purpose hall as well as an ice arena with the capacity of three thousand people. An Athletes’ Village for five thousand people including a hotel, a policlinic, a cafe, restaurants, and other social venues will be built also. After the Universiade, the Village will be transformed into a university campus. A Hotel with Media Center for 500 people is planned as well. Further developments will be the design-and-budget documentation of construction of the Universiade venues and subsequent construction process; a Brandbook, as well as the volunteer program ‘Universiade Almaty 2017’ and the planning of the Torch Relay for 28th World Winter Universiade 2017.


C. Pierre, Press Officer